The Denice Gary Show: Special Guests J. Daube, ZOA Director in Jerusalem on Balfour Declaration’s Centennial; Kern County Sheriff / Coroner Donny Youngblood on California’s Sanctuary State Law; and, Is it Time for a Special Prosecutor to Investigate Hillary R. Clinton?

October 31, 2017
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

In this week’s opening segment, learn why Americans need to call for a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Rodham Clinton on what may amount to at least 13 felony crimes involving the sale of U.S. uranium, a chemical element used in nuclear weapons, to the Russians. Moreover, reports suggest that Mrs. Clinton could be charged with racketeering for using the Clinton Foundation as a criminal enterprise by accepting contributions totaling more than $100 million from nine foreign individuals associated with the Uranium One deal. And then there is the forwarding of top secret information on an unsecured server as Secretary of State, etc., etc. And indeed, all of these alleged crimes are considered a threat to the national security interests of the United States.

On Israel, hear special guest Director Jeff Daube of the Zionist Organization of America, ZOA, in Jerusalem, Israel. Author and speaker, Director Daube has managed not only the ZOA’s Israel office, but led over 70 lobbying missions to Washington working with America’s leaders on critical issues impacting the national security of Israel as well as the U.S.

Listen in as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration. While the Jewish people have been able to re-establish their national home in just a part of the Promised Land {see Genesis 15: 18-21} nevertheless, a document, in the form of a letter, codified the British Empire’s support for an end to the Jewish people’s 1,800 year exile.

Hear Director Daube discuss Lord Balfour himself, a man of faith who worked to right a centuries old historic injustice by helping make possible the reunification of the Jewish people with a part of their ancient homeland – Israel.

Learn more as we discuss the discrimination and suffering of Israel and Jews everywhere as they continue endure rejection. What are the roots of anti-Semitism?

On state security issues, the Secure Communities program was reinstated within months of the Trump administration. This meant local law enforcement agencies were tasked once again with cooperating with federal immigration agencies.

However, California Democrats fought back and passed landmark SB 54, the “sanctuary state” legislation. Signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown, the California Sheriff’s Association has warned that as a result of the new sanctuary state law, all local and state officers will be prohibited from communicating and working together with federal agencies, including ICE to keep suspected terrorists, transnational criminals, human traffickers and every other serious criminal behind bars.

Hear Kern County Sheriff and Coroner, Donny Youngblood, a United States Army veteran who fought in the jungles of South Vietnam, a man who has served in every area of the Sheriff’s Department and is an alumnus of the FBI National Academy.

Sheriff Youngblood makes clear how the sanctuary state law is expected to affect cities, counties and state law enforcement agencies and the likely cost to California taxpayers.

Hear Sheriff Youngblood report out on these important security related issues, including counter-terrorism efforts and the issue of Female Genital Mutilation practiced within Muslim communities world-wide, a human rights violation and a federal crime in the United States.

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