The Denice Gary Show: Are There Hidden Military Options Team Trump Has Yet To Unveil as Iran Violates Nuclear Deal and North Korea Miniaturizes its Nuclear Warheads for Ballistic Missiles; President Trump’s Leadership in the Latest Culture War Event; London’s Mayor a Terrorist Sympathizer?; and, The President Enhances Security Requirements on Behalf of Americans’ Safety and Security

September 26, 2017
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Who better to lead and speak out on issues affecting United States’ traditions of patriotism than America’s chief executive and commander-in-chief, the President of the United States.

Despite intense media pressure, President Trump holds firm concerning an aspect of today’s culture war. As American football coaches are fired from their jobs for a bended knee in prayer, millionaire athletes are paid as they bow their knee in protest during the national anthem.

Hear what former Marine General, now White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly has said about President Trump’s stance and consider: The U.S. flag has flown since America’s hard-fought war for independence. The greatest, most generous nation on earth has seen scores of men and women continue to fight and die for freedom since Francis Scott Key first took pen to paper during the War of 1812 to write America’s national anthem.

It was during an all-night British bombardment of Fort McHenry, following the invasion of British soldiers who burned the White House, the Capitol Building and Library of Congress, that the bombing continued as America’s brave men fought to keep the new, fledgling nation free from British tyranny while well-heeled soldiers of the British Empire sought to destroy American independence.

Ultimately, the United States flag was still flying at daybreak. The British bombing campaign would soon end.

Meanwhile, 21st century athletes protest everything that the national anthem and the United States flag represents including constitutional amendments and laws codifying equality under the law and other basic civil rights – made possible by the blood of Americans – black and white. Boycott the NFL. Hear more.

On another topic: While establishment types on the right and the left suggest the United States will be forced to accept a nuclear armed North Korea, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis tells a different story to reporters at the Pentagon: The Trump administration does in fact have military options. It appears that the U.S. government is not-at-all prepared to tolerate a nuclearized North Korean military.

Furthermore, is the war of words with North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong Un, an extension of President Trump’s diplomatic efforts to prevent war with this rogue regime?

With North Korea’s capability to miniaturize nuclear warheads for placement on ballistic missiles, President Trump is also messaging to the Communists, U.S. determination to maximize economic sanctions and work with Communist China. Hear the President in his own words.

Also learn more on Iran. The Islamic Republic just defied the JCPOA, the nuclear deal with the United States and U.S. allies by successfully firing off its recent long-range ballistic missile.

And as London, England’s first Muslim mayor continues to criticize President Trump, find out who Sadiq Khan is, how he represented a 9/11 terrorist and holds close ties to Islamic radicals.

And hear more on the enhanced national security measures for strengthening the requirements for incoming foreign nationals to protect the safety and security of Americans.

The President’s team has undertaken the development of a new baseline for detecting attempted entry into the United States by terrorists or other individuals who pose a threat to America. Travel limitations and restrictions have been detailed for the State Department. Enemies of the United States who seek to travel to America will undergo a tougher screening process with tighter vetting capabilities and procedures.

On Steve Bannon, a supporter of President Trump, hear more on his clear concerns about Senator Mitch McConnell and his super PAC contributions. Is Senator McConnell working to sabotage the President’s agenda to “drain the swamp?”

And learn more on the Kurds who rally for national rights and an independent Kurdistan.

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