The Denice Gary Show: The Trump Administration Ends American Taxpayer Funding of the Racist, United Nations Relief Works Agency, UNRWA, a Supporter of Islamic Terrorism Among Arabs or Palestinians; and, More on Democrats’ Abuse of Taxpayers in California

August 31, 2018
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

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This broadcast begins with breaking news by Fox News regarding the re-arrest of five (5) IslamicTerrorists from a New Mexico Compound. They had been arrested and then subsequently released by a liberal judge. The FBI made the decision to rearrest these five (5) Muslims who had been terrorizing 11 children, teaching them to commit acts of murder against other children and institutions such as public schools. The children were reportedly malnourished and starving.

However, the most incredible news of the day centers around a statement by the U.S. State Department released on Friday, 08.31.2018 that the United States “will no longer commit further funding” to the United Nations Relief Works Agency, UNRWA. The United Nations Agency was established to support Arab or “Palestinian refugees” from 1948, when five (5) Arab Muslim armies marched against the newly established Jewish State in the hopes of annihilating the Jewish people. Arab leaders made it a point to declare that they would finish what Adolf Hitler had begun. Arabs or Palestinian Arabs that lived under the British Palestine Mandate supported the war effort to destroy the Jewish state.

Following Israel’s fight to survive and win its war for independence, UNRWA was formed to provide welfare to the Arabs or Palestinians who were displaced after the war. It has been funded by the United States and the international community for decades. It is an organization that has fueled the flames of Arab hatred against the Jewish nation. Even in UNRWA schools, racism and terror are promoted in children’s textbooks, teaching Arab children to hate Jewish children.

While no such organization was established by the United Nations for Jewish refugees who survived the Holocaust and those Jews, nearly 900,000, who survived the death squads in Arab Muslim countries, and who subsequently fled to Israel in an attempt to save themselves and their families in 1948, struggling Israel managed to integrate every, single, Jewish refugee who came to Israel. Meanwhile, Arab nations failed, indeed refused, to integrate their own.

And despite a number of U.S. Presidents who have come and gone, only President Trump has demonstrated the courage to remain undaunted by the tremendous pressure brought to bear on him and his administration by America’s European and Arab allies who push to see the United States continue its funding of a fraud perpetrated on the world by a so-called “Palestinian” refugee problem. Arab Palestinians today live in cities not tents – not refugee camps. Nevertheless, despite the incessant terror attacks, they have remained as welfare recipients for over a-half-century due to the irresponsible generosity of the United States, Israel, and the international community of nations.

A U.S. representative to the United Nations, in November of 1958, wisely stated why UNRWA is both unnecessary and unjust; the Arab states are responsible for the 1948 war against Israel and should therefore integrate those “Palestinian” Arabs in Arab countries and allow them citizenship rights. Arab leaders however have refused all integration efforts to bring an end to the “refugee problem.”

The Representative of the United States made clear “… the integration of this refugee problem is an unnatural event, running against the whole course of experience and precedent. Since the end of the Second World War, problems affecting forty million refugees have confronted Governments in various parts of the world. In no case, except that of the Arab refugees, amounting to less than two percent of the whole, has the international community shown constant responsibility and provided lavish aid. In every other case a solution has been found by the integration of refugees into their host countries. Nine million Koreans; 900,000 refugees from the conflict in Vietnam; 81/2 million Hindus and Sikhs leaving Pakistan for India; 61/2 million Moslems fleeing India to Pakistan …. In every case but that of the Arab refugees now in Arab lands the countries in which the refugees sought shelter have facilitated their integration. In this case alone has integration been obstructed.” [See: The Israel-Arab Reader: A Documentary History of the Middle East Conflict, pp. 155-156, Editors, Walter Laqueur and Barry Rubin]

President Trump and his administration, after all these many years, have now managed to right a great historic injustice.

Other issues discussed in this news broadcast: Democrats are likely to raise Californians’ taxes on garbage; why the Trump administration is monitoring Twitter, Facebook, and Google; and, what we may expect next from Russia and Syria.


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