The Denice Gary Show: U.S. Corporations Publicly Criticize the President while Openly Doing Business with a Racist, Islamic Regime Iran: The World’s Leading State Sponsor of Terrorism; Are There University Professors and Imams in California and in your State Calling for Violent Uprisings?; What Ideology Promotes a Celebration that Includes the Mass Slaughter of Animals?

August 26, 2017
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Hear about this week’s Eid Al Adha festival. As in so many reported cases, it includes the brutal, mass slaughter of animals. Celebrated in towns, cities and nations around the world, learn more and consider the responsibilities we all have to ensure this Muslim, ritual slaughter is done humanely, and not to excess, in your community.

Learn why The Denice Gary Show is recommending that contributions to the victims of Hurricane Harvey be made to organizations such as Samaritan’s Purse, churches and synagogues and not to the American Red Cross.

Why have certain charitable organizations sought to punish the President? Listen to President Trump in his own words address the false narrative that has targeted his efforts to foster love, unity and loyalty between and among all Americans.

Find out why Governor Abbott of Texas gives President Trump an A+ for his “strong leadership” in assisting the tremendous rescue and recovery efforts required in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The President is looking to spend $7.9 billion to help every man, woman and child stranded and/or homeless and without resources to rebuild.

And learn of the monumental hypocrisy and motivating factor behind those companies who have publicly distanced themselves from the President following the violence on the Far Left and the Far Right in Charlottesville, Virginia.

U.S. businesses such as Boeing, General Electric and Caterpillar have in fact continued to meet and do business with the Islamic Republic of Iran, a racist regime that commits atrocities around the world, kills Americans and calls for the death of the Jewish people and the destruction of Israel.

These corporations have been asked to sign pledges to end their money-making business interests with the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. And they have refused. [See: ]

Is it treason for Far-Left Democrats, anarchists, Antifa, Black Lives Matter adherents and Islamists to call for war on the streets of America?

Treason, as defined in the United States Constitution, prohibits “adhering” to the “enemies” of the United States. Adhering refers to clinging or joining up with those, both foreign and domestic, who support violent uprisings, war and/or jihad against the U.S.

Hear the promotion of hate and violence first hand from the mouths of Islamists inside the U.S. who represent a Leftist agenda. Is this not treason – calling for what amounts to a race war here in the United States?

They speak out at tax-payer funded universities and at mosques, particularly during Friday evening sermons, and call for attacks against Jews, Christians, Republicans, and Conservatives.

Hear this California imam pray for death and destruction at a mosque in the City of Davis. See the televised clip and read the transcript here: and here: .

And thank President Trump for his leadership in dealing with Pakistan, a Muslim majority country that has continued to aid and abet, contribute to and provide safe haven for terrorists and the groups they represent. Hear and learn more.

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