The Denice Gary Show: ISIS Seeks to Weaponize Bubonic Plague; President Trump Strengthens the Baltic States – NATO Allies and Honors Those Who Protect the American People and Friends Overseas; Iran Arming America’s Enemies; and Russia and China Engage in Sophisticated War Games

August 1, 2017
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

The Islamic State hopes to weaponize the Bubonic Plague to wipe out cities in the West. Find out more on what was revealed in Syria as well as in papers found hidden at Mosul University following the fall of the Islamic States’ caliphate inside Iraq. [See:]

As the battles continue against the enemies of the United States, including the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic State, IS/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh, Al Qaeda, MS-13 and others who have sought to steadily erode and/or destroy the safety and security of American lives, hear the President of the United States address the devotion of Americans to “God, Family, and Country . . . the source of America’s strength,” as he honors American heroes overseas as well as on America’s streets.

Also, hear my analysis as enemy nations such as China and Russia grow their strategic military ties. Learn more as China dispatches some of its most sophisticated warships along with Russia’s Baltic fleet for war games in Eastern Europe.

And expressing deepening concerns over increasingly aggressive measures by Russia, NATO’s Eastern allies, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania welcomed Vice President Pence to address issues of strategic concern as he carried the message of President Trump to the Defense Forces Headquarters in Estonia. Learn and understand more as NATO builds up a strong military presence in the region under the leadership of this White House which will double the usual number of fighter aircraft in the area.

Meanwhile, consider North Korea’s unusually high submarine activity as this ally of Russia and China “cold launches” missiles in the East. Learn more.

And hear more news and analysis on Jordan’s decision to keep the Israeli embassy in that country closed following a firestorm of violent protests against Israel for placing some metal detectors and cameras on the Temple Mount in order to prevent more attacks by terrorists using guns and knives on civilians, including security personnel.

Obtain an update on Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps’ latest covert arms shipments to enemies of the United Sates as the IRGC continues to have the resources to arm terrorists thanks to the Obama administration’s decision to fly into Tehran a plane full of cash in the amount of $1.7 billion in 2016. President Obama took from the Treasury Department’s Judgment Fund “which allowed the administration to circumvent Congress yet again . . . a blatant violation of federal law because paying the mullahs off with piles of foreign currency doesn’t actually by pass the sanctions that are still in effect.” [See: ]

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