Does United States National Security Involve Egypt?

August 27, 2013
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Do United States national security interests involve Egypt? Consider that last year alone, 2,000 U.S. military aircraft flew through Egyptian airspace and upwards of 35 U.S. 5th Fleet warships move through the Suez Canal annually – all in support of American interests. [See Jim Michaels’ article entitled, “U.S. Military needs Egypt for Access to Critical Area.”]

Egypt often expedites the passage of U.S. naval ships by allowing them to proceed to the front of a long line of merchant ships and other vessels waiting to get access to the Canal. [The photo image on my Facebook page, Strategic Solutions for a new Middle East, shows a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier, the USS Theodore Roosevelt, transiting through the Suez Canal.]

Notably, the positioning of American troops and equipment in and out of the region will be gravely hampered should Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces grow weary of President Obama’s continued efforts to reinstate the Muslim Brotherhood, MB, leadership in Egypt. 

And then there is the global oil market to consider. While Egypt only ranks 54 on a list of the world’s largest oil exporters, much of the international oil industry operates through the Suez and the Suez-Mediterranean or Sumed pipeline. The Sumed pipeline conveniently transports 2.5 million barrels daily from the oil-rich Gulf States to the Mediterranean. Sumed, owned by the Arab Petroleum Pipeline Company or Sumed Company, is a joint venture of which Egypt has a controlling interest of 50%. Saudi Arabia owns 15%, the U.A.E. 15%, Kuwait 5%, and Qatar 5%. 

All of these countries, except for Qatar, are supporting Egypt’s military in its effort to defeat the power of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. As the United States continues to be viewed as a MB supporter, the price of crude is likely to climb. 

Such an outcome will further damage America’s efforts towards economic recovery here at home by driving up the price of gasoline fuel as well as endanger and raise the costs of military transports and operations throughout the region.

The Obama administration ought to applaud the ousting of Morsi, former President and MB leader of Egypt. Morsi was responsible for working to turn a country of over 72 million Muslims into an Islamic totalitarian state. 

Upon Morsi’s election in 2012, he reportedly emptied Egypt’s prisons of Islamic terrorists, including Mohammad Al-Zawahiri, the brother of Al Qaeda’s global leader, Ayman Al-Zawahiri. Free from prison, Mohammad Al-Zawahiri has continued to advocate for terrorism and jihad (war) against Americans, Israelis and those of other Western nations. He is also responsible for the further deterioration of stability in the Sinai. Al Qaeda and its affiliate organizations now operate and terrorize those in the Sinai Peninsula and engage iin human trafficking.

Jihadists from around the globe were invited to Egypt by Morsi to help establish Islamic rule. They were charged with brutalizing MB opponents, particularly the Coptic Christian communities and secular Muslims. 

And while some leaders here in the U.S., including President Obama, justify Morsi’s election to the Office of President on the grounds that he won in an open and free electoral process, reports indicate that Egypt’s presidential election was a sham. Other Middle East specialists note that the Brotherhood was involved in “bribing and intimidating voters and rigging ballots during the 2012 elections.” [See Daniel Pipes’ article entitled, “Evidence that Morsi Actually Lost the Egyptian Presidency.”] 

As President Obama insists former President Morsi be reinstated as Egypt’s President, he has canceled “Bright Star,” a joint military training exercise and suspended further shipments of promised F-16 fighter aircraft. 

ChristianTehani el-Gabali, Vice President of the Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court stated in a speech reported on Egyptian television that President Obama’s half brother, Malik Obama is a finance officer in charge of the Brotherhood’s international investments. Reportedly, Malik Obama received a degree in accounting from the University of Nairobi and works as a consultant in the Washington, D.C. area several months at a time. The Muslim Brotherhood is believed to be the world’s largest Islamist organization with operations here in the U.S. and in 70 other countries.

As a result of Obama’s support for Morsi and the role of his half brother, in league with Muslim Brotherhood operations here in the U.S., many Egyptians, secular Muslims and Christians alike, now see President Obama as a supporter of the MB and its Islamic terrorism. 

Note: It was the Egyptians who went back to the streets this year to protest the harsh Islamic measures of Sharia law implemented by the Muslim Brotherhood lead government of Morsi. They will not soon forget that President Obama has called for Morsi’s return to power.

With Egypt’s military now in control, it is time that the Obama team end its support for the Brotherhood. Contact the President at 202.456.1111 and make your voice heard.

In light of the continued threats from Al Qaeda and the MB, along with Pentagon cuts and heightened nuclear threats from Iran, the U.S. will pay a steep price if Egypt’s military decides to refuse America’s military and oil shipping interests access to the Canal and its airspace. Just ask U.S. Central Command. 

Strategic Solutions contends: Is it not time that President Obama support Egypt’s military in its conquest of the Muslim Brotherhood, a violent Islamist group that murders Christians, threatens to destroy Israel and sponsors terrorism against the United States?

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