Egypt: An Islamist Regime?

December 14, 2012
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Is Egypt becoming the next Islamist regime, the new Iran of the Sunni Muslim world and how is President Obama responding to the latest barbarism by the Muslim Brotherhood regime?

In a show of repression, Egypt’s President Morsi is using American made F-16 fighter jets to fly low over the city of Cairo to intimidate angry protestors who oppose the regime’s latest initiative to institutionalize the brutality of Shariah law through a new constitution. President Morsi has also deployed armed soldiers and the police to violently suppress Egyptians who oppose this new draft constitution.

As posted on my Facebook blog for 12.07.12, President Morsi has called for “Islamic shariah” to rule “all aspects of life,” stating “the honorable Koran will be read and only it will be heeded” for all matters pertaining to Muslims and all non-Muslims. [See and]

Egypt’s protestors represent more secular Muslims and non-Muslims or Christians who are deeply disturbed by President Morsi’s statements that he will enforce “religious law.” Questions are being raised concerning the possibility of religious police patrolling the streets of Egypt’s rural and urban communities under a Muslim Brotherhood regime as is done in places like Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Egypt’s new draft constitution defines Islam as the “state religion” and defines ALL Egyptian people as “part of the Islamic nation,” in Articles II and I respectively. Will Egypt soon become the Islamic Republic of Egypt?

As most Westerners have come to realize, shariah law brings with it barbaric forms of torture and/or death for the slightest of offenses. [See photo image on Facebook post for 12.11.12.]

So how is President Obama responding to Egypt’s brutal tactics and repression of Egypt’s opposition including those Christians who suffer child abductions, beatings, destruction of personal property and arrest and torture? [For more on Egyptian persecution of Christians view: .]

The White House has decided to reward President Morsi and the new Muslim Brotherhood leadership who continue to make public their anti-American, anti-Israel positions.

President Obama is set to deliver 20 new F-16 fighter jets. The first four jets are to arrive in Egypt late next month on January 22nd.

The President, Secretary of State Clinton, and other Administration supporters need to consider the following as more than adequate justification for ending all arms sales to Egypt:

  1. Egypt already has 200 F-16 warplanes;
  2. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leadership embraces Iran and other Islamic regimes which call for the destruction of the U.S.;
  3. Egyptian Brotherhood leaders call for the annihilation of the Jewish state of Israel;
  4. Egypt’s persecution of non-Muslims, specifically Christians;
  5. American taxpayers have for too long carried the burden of sustaining Egypt’s military war machine as a major arms supplier;
  6. A Judeo-Christian civilization like the United States should not support an Islamist regime that wants to rule Egypt’s population under strict religious Shariah law and absent any religious freedom and tolerance for universal human rights; and,
  7. Egypt is not supporting and advancing U.S. interests in the region.

Contact the President and Congress. Tell them to end military assistance to Egypt now.

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