Free Asia Bibi and those Christians Locked in Dungeons in Pakistan for their Faith

January 15, 2018
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Please PRAY that mother and wife, Asia Bibi be released from her dungeon in a Pakistani prison.

She has been tortured, raped, beaten and is likely to be hung for her faith. Her health has been deteriorating. After seven (7) years of imprisonment, Asia needs to be promptly returned to her family and together, the family needs to be able to somehow leave or escape from Pakistan. Pray for their speedy exit from this Muslim dominant country that continues to destroy Christian lives for their faith!

Put pressure on the government of Pakistan by holding them accountable. Telephone the Pakistani Embassy in Washington, D.C. at 202.243.6500 and ask for Asia Bibi’s immediate release. When calling, ask to speak to Ambassador Jillani. Know that it is unlikely you will reach the ambassador directly, but please leave your message calling for Asia’s release. And take one step further, ask that all people of faith be released from Pakistan’s prisons under their blasphemy law.

Sadly, the Pakistan Penal Code prohibits blasphemy against Islam. Free speech and freedom of religion does not exist in Pakistan. Penalties range from a fine to death. Scores of people have been accused of blasphemy and then murdered before their trials had concluded, moreover, prominent figures who have opposed the blasphemy law have been assassinated. 

Indeed, people are murdered every year as a result of blasphemy allegations. Pakistan’s blasphemy law is most often used to persecute religious minorities and/or settle a personal vendetta. Reportedly, to avoid paying Christian workers their lawful wage, Muslim business owners have been known to accuse employees of violating the blasphemy law which has resulted in mob violence against the accused and their subsequent violent death. Calls for an end to blasphemy laws are prevented by Islamic parties in Pakistan.



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