The Obama Administration Demonstrates Contempt for a Strategic Ally

March 14, 2013
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Will President Obama make it to Israel in late March as planned? Having already traveled to the Middle East this would mark the President’s first trip to Israel during his presidency. Administration officials are calling the decision to touch down in Israel as a “working trip.” Already acting to bully the government in Jerusalem, sources indicate that when the President lands in Israel he expects to see a detailed Israeli plan to remove or “withdraw” the Jewish population from Judea and Samaria and to establish another Arab Muslim state in the West Bank by 2014. Such a plan would ultimately compromise the safety of every man, woman and child in Israel. 

Meanwhile, Obama’s new Secretary of State, John Kerry, skipped Israel on his first trip to the Middle East. Instead he chose to travel straight to Saudi Arabia where Christians and those of other faiths are tortured to death in Saudi prisons for refusing to embrace Mohammedism and where Jews are generally barred from entering the country. 

Even Iran’s Press TV appeared to cheer Kerry’s decision to fly to Riyadh and lunch with Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas to get “the Palestinian point of view to the new US administration” rather than make a stopover in Israel.

Abbas, with ties to the Palestine Liberation Organization, a terrorist organization and Fatah official is also known as the Palestinian Authority, (PA), President, who refers to Jesus Christ as a Palestinian. The PA’s grand mufti, the Palestinian’s top religious figure, goes so far as to refer to the “holy trinity” as Jesus, Arafat, and Abbas. The late Yasser Arafat spent his life as a terrorist, and began his work with Abbas in the late 1950’s in Kuwait. There, many wealthy Arab Palestinians from the Gulf Arab States, worked to lay the foundation of Fatah in Kuwait. The word Fatah, in the religious sense, generally refers to the expansion of Islam and means “conquering” or “victory”.

Abbas has been glorified among some in the Muslim world much like Arafat once was. In a televised broadcast, Abbas is referred to by the mufti as the “Messenger of Peace on earth.” Click here to view. An interesting reference considering that this so-called “Messenger of Peace” openly admits to sending terrorists to kill Israeli civilians, (See Abbas’s televised interview at Abbas has also admitted to using American tax dollars to pay terrorists in Israeli prisons.

Furthermore, this same Palestinian leader continues to air television programs that call for Israel’s annihilation and jihad against America and is reportedly responsible for financing the Munich massacre of Israeli athletes who came to Germany in 1972 for the Summer Olympics.

Kerry’s decision to go straight into talks with Israel’s adversary in Riyadh sends a powerful message to Israel as well as to Israel’s enemies in the region. Such an action on the part of the United States only emboldens Islamists who view Israel and Western states as weakened and without the resolve to stop the spread of militant Islam.

As the Obama administration strives to set Israel up to give away more of her historic homeland, land won legitimately under international law in wars of self defense, the President fails to consider statements by the Palestinian Authority, (PA) or the Palestine Liberation Organization, (PLO), calling for Israel’s annihilation and America’s destruction. [See Palestinian Media Watch for actual television film footage calling for genocide against Jews and Christians and view

Consider the following actions by Arab, Palestinians:

  1. The PA/PLO supported America’s enemies including: Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and Chavez run Venezuela, and remain tied to Iran, China, North Korea and Russia today. Historically, Muslim Arab Palestinians have also supported Nazis Germany and communist regimes in Moscow and Eastern Europe;
  2.  PA/PLO terrorists have fought U.S. forces in both Afghanistan and Iraq; 
  3.  PA/PLO and HAMAS celebrated the 9/11 attacks against the United States and continue to disseminate the hate propaganda through print and electronic media sources. [See]
  4. A Palestinian state would provide U.S. rivals and enemies a new base of operations from which to attack Americans and American allies in the region – indeed, several Americans have already been murdered by Palestinians in Gaza, Judea and Samaria; and,
  5. A Palestinian state would add another anti-U.S. vote at the United Nations.

The pathway to peace in the Middle East is not through a two-state solution. Another Arab Palestinian state, (Jordan was the first), would pose a mortal threat to Israel, further destabilize the region, and make vulnerable U.S. allies and interests. 

Contact the President at 202.456.1111 and contact your member of Congress at 202.224.3121 and make clear you do not support one more Arab state on Israeli land, you do not support a Palestinian state.


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