Humanitarian Aid to Terrorists

April 29, 2010
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

After committing numerous atrocities and terrorizing Israeli families, Muslim Arabs in Gaza received 17,412 tons of humanitarian aid from the Israeli government.

As the Muslim population calls for Israel’s annihilation in the print and electronic media and in every mosque and madrassah in the Gaza Strip, at least 488 medical patients and their escorts left this coastal area and were taken inside the Jewish state of Israel to obtain the very best in medical treatment, while truck loads of food products such as wheat, flour, meat, chicken, fish, etc., as well as medical supplies and hygiene items were delivered to Gaza residents.

Following the forcible removal of 8,000 Jewish families from this ancient trade route center where Jews have resided for over 3,000 years, Gaza, now under Palestinian (Hamas) control since 2005, has degenerated into a place where terrorists of numerous factions congregate, where criminal gangs rule the streets, and corruption is rampant inside its ruling entity.

As a welfare community with their hand out, the population of Gaza is supported by-and-large by hard working Americans and Israelis. The West, of which Israel is a part, should not support a populace that overwhelmingly advocates and/or sympathizes with terrorism against not only Israel, but the United States.

Muslim Arab Palestinians have choices. They can choose not to support terrorism. They can also choose to relocate from Gaza to Muslim Arab nation-states in which they embrace like culture, religion, language, and tribal identification and leave Palestinian Authority or Hamas controlled areas. After all, since hundreds of thousands of Jews were forced to flee from Muslim Arab states into a single, Jewish state in the first half of the last century, why should Muslim refugees – fewer in number than those Jewish refugees – not be settled in one of the 22 Muslim Arab states?

Write or email the Israeli government at and say NO to further aid to Muslim Arabs inside the Gaza!


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