Is a Deal with Iran in the National Security Interests of the United States, Israel and the Rest of the West?

April 20, 2015
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Is a deal with Iran worth doing? Despite over a decade of negotiations and highly touted sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, shutting down the regime’s nuclear weapons program remains elusive.

Truly startling are reports that Iran has just declared that no nuclear inspectors will be permitted at military sites and indications are that Iran has positioned its warplanes, missiles, anti-aircraft artillery and radars to protect its nuclear sites from attack. Moreover, the threat of a nuclear armed Iran is further evidenced by a recent piece by an International Atomic Energy Agency or IAEA official who maintains Iran has substantial stockpiles of 3.5 percent enriched uranium with 9,000 functioning centrifuges spinning Iran into a nuclear armed state and 9,000 more in the wings. This means a nuclear armed Iran could be realized in just six to seven months or less. [See:]

But the President and Secretary Kerry have asserted that their plan “will leave Iran at least a year away from obtaining a nuclear bomb, thus giving the world plenty of time to react to infractions.” Former top U.S. officials disagree, including former CIA Director Michael Hayden, former Deputy-General for Safeguards at the IAEA Olli Heinonen, and former State Department Official Ray Takeyh. These officials have revealed that even if the breakout period was a year, it is doubtful there would be sufficient time “to detect and reverse Iranian violations.” [See: ]

Other threats to the United States and American interests include Iranian warships making their way towards Yemen to arm Houthi Islamists. And recall it was just one year ago that Iran dispatched its naval fleet towards the United States’ maritime borders. [See:]

Meanwhile, development of Iran’s intercontinental ballistic missiles, ICBMs, designed principally to deliver several nuclear warheads, could make the United States and anywhere in the world, a target for destruction.

In addition, the White House led P5+1 countries have negotiated sanctions relief amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars for the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism currently growing Islamic regimes through a network of terrorist operations and training camps in Arab Muslim countries..

Sanctions relief should be opposed by every American. The relief will refill Iran’s bank accounts to arm and train Iran’s military and its proxies who seek to destroy the U.S. This is keenly reflected in statements by Iran’s supreme religious leader who has led chants of “Death to America” among the multitudes while Iranian clerics tell the world that their weapons are religiously significant and support their “moral and spiritual values.” [See: ] Iranian Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami can be seen here on Al-Alam television stating: “This wave of holy rage must turn into a hurricane or a tsunami against the U.S.” [See: ]

Today Iran is already spending tens of millions of dollars to provide weapons and build terrorist training sites as it works to grow Islamic satellite states in places like the Gaza with the cooperation of the Palestinians and in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Libya. This will effectively place Iran in a position to take charge of sea lanes surrounding the Arab world. Clearly Iran is not only arming itself, but is arming terrorist organizations and Islamic militias willing to cooperate with Iran’s agenda for an Islamic caliphate.

Interim agreements as well as any future agreement have not and will not eliminate Iran’s desire or capability to go nuclear with weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

What will stop Iran? Evidence taken from the historical record shows Israel’s 1981 attack on Saddam Hussein’s Osirak reactor in Iraq and its destruction of Assad’s North Korean built reactor in Syria, in 2007, successfully halted attempts by these regimes to build weapons of mass destruction. Furthermore, these attacks did not lead to war. President Obama keeps suggesting that without his “deal,” strikes on Iran’s nuclear sites will precipitate war – maybe or maybe not.

The Middle East Initiative contends that relief from a nuclear armed Iran can only come when Iran’s nuclear sites are eliminated.

The American people need to tell Washington: Give Israel what she needs to eliminate the threat of annihilation and help ensure the security of the Western world. And right now Israel needs a new generation of powerful bunker-buster bombs capable of blowing up deep underground nuclear facilities and the refueling equipment to reach Iran and return to Israel.

Tell the President to help secure America’s future, the future of Israel and U.S. Western allies before it’s too late.

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