ISIS Supporters Encourage Murder in Ferguson and Cities Around the Country

December 3, 2014
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Violent protests in Ferguson, Missouri and cities throughout the United States continue as ISIS/ISIL/IS or Islamic State members and their supporters living inside the U.S. incite murder online.

The ISIS social media campaign is evidenced by statements by prominent Islamic activists who write on their Twitter accounts: “O lone mujahid, you must use the breakdown of security in #Ferguson to increase the burning in America.”

Another tweet reads: “O supporters of the Islamic State in America, what is happening in #Ferguson is a valuable opportunity. . . . Rise up and engage them. . . . . Spill their blood in the roads and in the neighborhoods.” “. . . send them to hell!” [See ]

Strategic Solutions urges all Americans to call for an immediate investigation into the incitement and glorification of murder by Islamic radicals on social media sites inside the United States.

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