The Islamic State Builds Human Slaughterhouses as Obama’s Approach to IS Fails

October 13, 2014
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Despite eight (8) weeks of U.S. bombing, the Islamic State’s army is advancing in Syria and Iraq and is successfully infiltrating the United States and other Western countries. This has now been confirmed by sources both in and out of the government. [Hear more on this at: ]

Meanwhile in Syria, the advance against a limited number of Kurdish forces continues. Over 9,000 Islamic State terrorists have surrounded a Kurdish enclave as Kurdish fighters attempt to defend an estimated population of over 150,000 civilians in the town of Kobani. One Kurdish fighter has reported that while the Kurds have pushed back the IS advance on Monday morning, 10.13.14, it will be “impossible” for them to hold their ground without help. [See: ]

“We either die or win. No fighter is leaving,” Esmat al-Sheikh, leader of the Kobani Defense Authority, told Reuters. “The world is watching, just watching and leaving these monsters to kill everyone, even children…but we will fight to the end with what weapons we have.” [See: ]

Witnesses who have fled Kobani say that old women are being given grenades to throw and young women with no combat experience are being armed and sent to do battle. [See:]

On Sunday, a female Kurdish fighter blew herself up rather than be captured by Islamic State barbarians after running out of ammunition, according to local sources and a monitoring group. [See: ]

If the Islamic State’s army takes Kobani – these terrorists will control three official border crossings between Turkey and Syria along a 60 mile or 97 kilometers long border. This will further consolidate and strengthen the power and influence of the Islamic State in the region and throughout the worldwide Islamic community where recruitment of young Muslims thrive.

And as this enormous massacre appears set to unfold, once again, where are the President and his team of Democrats who are charged with all matters involving threats to national security?

As Commander-in-Chief, President Obama is fully capable of destroying the Islamic State’s army and delivering the Kurdish people as well as tens of thousands of Christians and other religious minorities out of harm’s way.

Sadly, the President persists in doing nothing to effectively destroy the Islamic State.

Regarding Kobani, the Obama team has known of the slaughter for weeks and has chosen to drop but a handful of bombs, too far from the city to make a difference and save lives.

Back in July, it appears that during the Islamic State’s previous assault on Kobani, evidence has emerged that at least on one occasion some kind of chemical agent was used against Kurdish fighters. [See: ]

Moreover, is has been reported that in areas under IS control, human slaughterhouses where males above the age of 10 are carved up or rounded-up and shot while girls and women are sold into the sex slave trade or are given as rewards to jihadists. [Read more at:]

Wanting to see Kurdish fighters fail in their war against IS, America’s NATO ally Turkey – a state sponsor of terrorism, Iran – a state sponsor of terrorism, and opposition groups among the Free Syrian army, remain uncommitted to defeating the Islamists who are determined to set-up a global caliphate and implement the brutal tenets of Shariah law.

Only in the last several hours has Turkey agreed to allow its NATO ally, the United States and coalition forces to use facilities inside Turkey to “engage in activities inside Iraq and Syria,” according to Susan Rice, U.S. National Security Advisor as told on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Strategic Solutions implores readers to contact America’s President at 202.456.1111 and Congress at 202.224.3121. Make clear that the United States needs a serious air campaign in which airstrikes are coordinated with allied Peshmerga / Kurdish fighters.

On the front lines, the Kurdish people, both men and women, represent America’s best hope in helping to fight back and halt the advance of the Islamic State.

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