Killing the Innocent?

March 25, 2010
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

The United States under the Bush doctrine no longer makes a distinction between terrorists and those who harbor them. Should Israel, an allied nation, be held to a different standard?

Fighting a limited counter-terrorism campaign to safeguard her civilian population, Israel, America’s strategic partner in the war against terror, hopes to end the daily barrage of rocket attacks from Hamas in the South and Hizballah in the North. However, Israel’s critics in the U.S. and elsewhere are suggesting that the conflict must be immediately terminated due to civilian deaths in the Gaza and Lebanon.

The President’s foreign policy statements affirm: “Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make: Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”

Notably, this position is in keeping with international law. To aid and abet terrorism is a crime that rises to the level of crimes against humanity. The Arabs or Palestinians in Gaza elected their fellow Hamas members to serve as their government representatives. As a terrorist entity, so identified by the U.S. State Department, Hamas enjoys the majority support of the Arab or Palestinian population and in turn hosts a broad range of other terrorist groups in the Gaza.

To the North, the Lebanese people also elected several Hizballah members to serve in key government posts. By harboring such terrorist groups as Hizballah, the Lebanese government is in direct violation of international law by refusing to execute United Nations Resolution 1559. This Resolution calls for the disbanding and disarmament of militarist groups.

These facts suggest that Gazans and the Lebanese are condoning the stated ideology and goals of jihadists, i.e., the violent spread of Islam world-wide by such Islamic groups as Hamas, Hizballah, Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, and others who reside in the Middle East and who operate in Israel and through cells in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and elsewhere. These groups send their collaborators across borders using foreign documents, setting up infrastructure, smuggling in weapons and terrorists, and providing financial support for both Arab Palestinian and various other organizations.

While substantial amounts of training, weapons, political, diplomatic, and organizational aid come from Muslim Arab countries, Hamas and Hizballah in particular, receive tremendous support from Iran and Syria. Iran alone is estimated to provide Hizballah financial and military assistance in the millions.

Indeed, Hizballah’s status as Iran’s front-line operative arm against Israel is significant. Having both the means and opportunity, Hizballah and Hamas continue to strike civilian targets inside Israel.

This makes claims by Israel’s critics that she is too “aggressive” in going after terrorists, particularly egregious. Even more so in light of the fact that Israel seeks only military hardware and infrastructure targets and goes so far as to drop leaflets and make phone calls to Arabs in Gaza and Lebanon warning them to flee those areas that the Israeli Defense Forces are poised to attack!

What nation-state informs their enemies of upcoming military strikes?

Notwithstanding, Israel’s detractors are driving the unrelenting international pressure to end Israel’s war of self-defense by decrying the unintentional deaths of civilians in a war zone. Should Israel pursue her war of self defense against terrorists who continue to fire rockets at Israeli school children and their families or enter into a ceasefire agreement? To help answer this question, the civilian population around Hamas and Hizballah deserve some attention.

For example, Arab polling data out of the Middle East indicates that Arabs in Lebanon and Gaza overwhelmingly support the use of terrorism against Israel and Western nations and serve the interests and share the objectives of jihad against Jews and Christians.

To confirm this data consider the following:

  • It is the Lebanese people’s decision to elect Hizballah to government positions of power, just as Arab Muslims in Gaza elected Hamas to lead and represent their interests.
  • It is the Lebanese people’s choice to allow terrorists to live freely in their midst, stockpiling rockets and other weapons of death and destruction in their homes, mosques, hospitals, and neighborhoods. The Muslims in Gaza chose to do the same by allowing Hamas to place in jeopardy their entire population by turning residential and business areas into military zones.
  • It is the decision of Muslim families in Lebanon and Gaza to send their children to madrassahs, summer camps, and day camps that teach hate and glorify suicide bombers – instructing children on how to become a shahid or martyr for Allah.
  • It is the decision of the people and governments in Lebanon and Gaza to participate in inciting racism against Jews and Christians in madrassahs and mosques and in the print and electronic media on a daily basis.

Perhaps many of the so-called innocent civilians that end up as collateral damage in Gaza and Lebanon might be more appropriately defined as willing accomplices, peddlers of hate who incite racism. Death and destruction are just a mere extension of their radical environs. Anti-Semitism remains a 21st century institutionalized phenomenon permeating every aspect of Muslim Arab society. The prognosis: More terrorism and more wars.

This makes disavowing Israel’s right to victory in the battle against Islamic terrorism more deadly. The fight needs to continue until Israel’s enemies unconditionally surrender. Without a decisive victory, the global war on terrorism will expand. The jihadists will be emboldened and their momentum and numbers will increase due to the perception that the West is too weak for a real fight.

In summary, ceasefires do not win wars. However, they reveal to Islamists that Western nations value human life above winning and have little appetite for bloodshed. Thus the West courts disaster as terrorists will use the pause in fighting under a ceasefire agreement to regroup, re-arm, dig-in and attack anew.

If the United States is serious about its commitment to win the war against Islamic terrorism, it will urge Israel to do whatever necessary to eradicate the threats posed by terrorists in Gaza and Lebanon and throughout the Middle East.

America’s policy approach must be that Western nations fight terrorists and their state sponsors to win! By winning, nations like Israel, not only safeguard the lives of their own citizens, but ultimately, benefit all nations and people making the world a safer place in which to live.

View the following video for examples of the barbarism employed by Hamas, Hizballah, and Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade, and other terror groups who fight wars against Israel and who ignite hatred against the West.


View this second video to discover what goes unreported in the mainstream media or on cable news networks such as the Fox News Channel or CNN. It illustrates Jewish humanity in the midst of daily Muslim terrorist attacks against men, women, and children and demonstrates Israel’s superb counter terrorism approach in the region


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