The Left: Sabotaging America’s Criminal Justice System

September 4, 2017
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Lurking behind the Democrats “social justice reform” agenda are Progressives in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., undermining America’s criminal justice system.

Consider: Democrats want to eliminate a person’s constitutional right to bail in criminal cases in states across the country. And in California, the push is on to see Senate Bill 10 passed, a so-called bail reform measure that amounts to a catch and release of criminals without jail or bail.

Just months ago, similar legislation was passed in New Jersey’s State Legislature. The result: Significant increases in crime. Career criminals, organized crime members, gangs, human traffickers, and child molesters walk out of jail within hours of arrest. Instead of working to help prevent and eliminate criminal behavior by supporting President Trump’s job creation efforts and/or vocational education programs among other things, Democratic lawmakers argue that poor criminals may not be able to post bail so America should just eliminate it.

So as in New Jersey, if SB 10 passes in California, criminals will no longer pay private sector Bail Agents.

Why are Bail Agents important? They bear the responsibility of making sure that individuals, in most cases, repeat felons, show up to court after they have been released from jail on bail and go after bail jumpers.

SB 10 BAIL REFORM is not reform – it’s a get out of jail free card! It eliminates bail industry jobs. It hurts law enforcement. It emboldens criminals. It increases taxes and jeopardizes American lives.

The Left’s political correctness has again gone too far.

CALL TODAY! Demand that the California State Legislature vote against SB 10 Bail Reform.

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