Obama Administration Violates U.S. Federal Laws on Terrorism

August 16, 2013
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

In violation of U.S. federal statutory law, Secretary of State John Kerry has insisted that Israel release Palestinian terrorists as part of a “good will gesture” in order to restart so-called “peace talks” with the avowed enemies of Israel

Meanwhile, Palestinians continue to advocate for terrorist activity through official Palestinian media outlets as well as in schools and mosques. And why not? After all, promoting terror is facilitated without interruption, by foreign aid provided by the taxpayers of the United States and America’s European allies. 

So as terrorist activity against those living and working in Israel continues, the United States government refuses to pursue, extradite, prosecute, and punish Palestinian terrorists who have murdered or maimed American citizens overseas. 

Indeed, NOT a single Palestinian terrorist has yet to be brought to justice by an American administration despite the fact that American citizens have been attacked and killed on foreign soil.

Obama’s Justice Department needs to inform the Obama State Department that according to a number of U.S. statutes, including USC Sec. 2332, The Anti-Terrorism Act of 1990, re-enacted in 1992, along with The Koby Mandell Act of 2004, federal laws must be upheld and enforced, despite Secretary Kerry’s latest “peace initiative.”

Furthermore and under no circumstances should foreign governments be pressured by an American administration to release terrorists it has prosecuted and imprisoned. Consider that at least two of the terrorists on a list of 104 Israeli prisoners slated for release under Secretary Kerry’s plan involve Al Haj Othman Amar Mustafa and Damara Ibrahim Mustafa Bil who together murdered U.S. citizen and former marine, Steven Rosenfeld. As of this writing, 26 of the 104 terrorists have already been released on 08.13.13.

Indeed, these terrorists like others released by Israel under duress from the U.S. government, will now be able to live freely and openly, absolved of further jail time. 

What sort of message does this communicate to Islamic terrorists? FYI, if you kill Americans in Israel or American Jews in Israel – you get a free pass.

Strategic Solutions recommends that Americans contact the President at 202.456.1111 and their member of Congress at 202.224.3121. Remind America’s leaders that despite the Obama administration’s push to give away Israel’s land, the President’s constitutional obligation is to uphold or enforce U.S. law. Not doing so constitutes an impeachable offense. 

Moreover, Strategic Solutions suggests that to demand that Israel release terrorists is not only unlawful, but an entirely unseemly goodwill gesture for the purpose of pursuing peace with Muslim Arab, Palestinians who want to wipe the Israelis off the map.

Without justice there will never be peace.

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