Obama Fails to Confront Islamic Expansionism in Afghanistan

March 14, 2013
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Consider the absurdity of President Obama’s foreign policy attempt to “mainstream” the Taliban while suggesting they can be “rehabilitated.” 

The Taliban, an unrepentant enemy of the U.S., is responsible for slaughtering American soldiers and providing safe haven to those who coordinated the murder of nearly 3,000 Americans. The Taliban are also the enemy of the Afghan people. These same barbarians have poisoned girls’ schools and have beheaded even children for failing to follow pure “Islam.” 

Last year, when the U.S. President called for negotiations with the Taliban, President Karzai was pushed into a weakened position that has forced him to pursue talks with the leaders of a brutal Islamist movement intent on destroying all those who have cooperated with U.S. efforts in the region. 

U.S. forces and human rights groups have also become more vulnerable. Sadly, this administration has decided that terrorists represent a legitimate peace partner in negotiations for the good of nation-states. Now, a Taliban-dominated Afghanistan are emboldened and are exercising greater levels of control over the populace. 

Taliban commanders, who remain closely identified with Al-Qaeda, bluntly reference their cooperation with Al-Qaeda and make clear theirs is a shared ideology that includes the goal of Islamic supremacy. 

Moreover, it is this same Taliban who openly declares their preparations to form an Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, i.e., another Islamist regime in opposition to the United States and U.S. national security interests. 

And yet, in an Obama press conference with President Karzai in January of this year, the President stated that the war in Afghanistan “will come to a responsible end,” and that “Al-Qaeda can never again use Afghanistan to launch attacks against [the U.S.].” Click here to view transcript of Obama – Karzai press conference.

Moreover, in that same press conference, the President made false statements suggesting that most “Afghans are more secure,” than ever before. 

Tell that to the Afghan civilian population who now live under constant fear of terror. 

Following Obama’s statements in 2012 concerning America’s intention to leave Afghanistan in 2014 and his failure to conquer and achieve victory over the Taliban and/or Al-Qaeda, there has been an influx of militants who now reside in formerly peaceful neighborhoods and cities that were once fairly safe under U.S. / Allied control. 

Moreover, thousands of Afghans who have been embedded with the U.S. military, including Special Forces, along with those who have worked in other areas to promote basic human rights and who have supported and been loyal to the U.S. and the Allied Command Forces in Afghanistan for over a decade, now live under constant threat of death. Reports suggest that many have been already shot or beheaded for supporting the Americans and/or our allies.

In general, increases in human rights abuses including brutal beheadings of women and children and the very small Christian minority advance forward ahead of the President’s irresponsible withdrawal plan. 

Afghanistan and Pakistan remain a central front in the war against Islamic terrorism. Counter-terrorism operations should not be abandoned. With Al-Qaeda and the Taliban inextricably linked, their vicious rule will bring back the atrocities of the Dark Ages to the country of Afghanistan and beyond.

The United States cannot afford to stop fighting Islamic expansionism / imperialism. If America and America’s allies fail, the strength and terror of Islamic extremism will spread with more and greater atrocities seen and experienced here on the home front and around the world.


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