How to Prevent Islamists Infiltrating the United States Through Refugee Resettlement in America

September 29, 2016
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

The United States faces a steady stream of terror operatives entering the country as the Islamic State, IS/ISIS/ISIL or Daesh, targets and infiltrates the refugee resettlement program here in the U.S., not unlike what has been occurring across Europe.

However, it is not only ISIS that has managed to snake its way into America; other terrorist groups, crossing over into the U.S. through porous border areas in the North, through Canada, and in the South, through Mexico, have set-up shop over the last several years.

While recent congressional data demonstrates that hundreds of terror plots have been stopped over the last decade, Obama’s foreign policy decisions seem to advance an agenda of Islamic supremacism. Indeed, an average of 358 Sunni Muslims, many sympathetic to Islamic law, arrive in the United States each week, while religious minorities, i.e., Christians and Yezidis, remained trapped in places like Syria, Iraq, and Libya, and suffer nothing short of genocide.

The Obama administration and more specifically, the Clinton / Kerry State Department, have forsaken non-Muslim minorities, leaving them defenseless and targeted for mass killings and slavery.

Indeed, records indicate that by the end of 2015, only 53 Syrian Christians and a lone Yezidi had been admitted to the United States after ISIS seized control of several towns and cities in areas that people once called “home.” [See:].

And despite all the human suffering, the Obama administration has increased refugee quotas, allowing tens of thousands of Sunni Muslims to enter the country.

Meanwhile, the FBI Director James Comey, has publicly and before Congress, testified to the reality that it remains impossible to properly verify who is entering the country and for what purpose. Background data and the resources for such a massive undertaking are just not available.

The Denice Gary Pandol Show’s Strategic Solutions has recommended that the United States work with countries like Jordan and Lebanon who are assisting these refugees in the region and follow Israel’s profound lead: Provide a safe zone or safe haven areas where refugees can receive immediate assistance. Note however that all religious minorities in the region, i.e., non-Muslims, must be secured in distinctly separate areas. Sunni Muslims have consistently and without hesitation continued to persecute and murder Christians and Yezidis in the refugee camps of Europe – a well-documented, on-going phenomena in Syria and Iraq, as the wars rage on.

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