Quartet to Decide Who is Sabotaging the Peace Process

January 15, 2012
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

What happened to the Bush Doctrine – a popular foreign policy approach on violent jihad? It was capsulated in the simple pronouncement: “You are either with us or you are with the terrorists.” Unfortunately, former President Bush and his Secretary of State, Condi Rice killed it. Later, the Obama team would bury it.

The doctrine first became inconvenient for the Bush administration due to their “road map for peace” initiative. It was based on the primary condition that Palestinians had to end their terrorist attacks if they were ever going to achieve statehood. It became abundantly clear, however, that Palestinians could not resist terrorizing the Jews. So Bush-in-company promptly reversed itself and suggested that a Palestinian state be created regardless of Muslim terrorism against Jews. What a road map to peace that turned out to be! Thanks to Secretary Rice, HAMAS, Islamic Resistance Movement, a terrorist organization, took control of the Gaza.

Later, the Obama organization with Clinton and Panetta on board, would not so much as allow the term “terrorism” to be mentioned in the same sentence with the words “Muslim” or “Islamic”.

If that was not enough, Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, told the Israelis in December to “just get to the damn table!” Dear Secretary Panetta, why tell the Israelis to sit at a so-called “peace table” and meet with the very people who keep terrorizing and killing their civilian population? 

Imagine the United States, going to the likes of Osama Bin Laden, former leader of the Al Qaeda network, with hat in hand, asking for peace. No, the U.S. goes to war and assassinates those who terrorize Americans on America soil. Should Israel play by different counter-terrorism rules?

By rebuking Israel, America’s Defense Secretary radicalizes and emboldens the Arabs to believe that with terror they can continue to pressure the United States and Israel to bend to their demands, i.e., more Israeli land from Israel. More land until Palestinians have conquered and placed every inch of Jewish soil under Muslim control. This is the Palestinian Authority’s stated objective. Think of it. Another Muslim Arab state joins the enemies of the U.S., another Muslim Arab nation who sends their young men and women on missions of murder and mayhem against Americans at home and abroad.

The Quartet, which is the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations, will convene January 26 to determine who is responsible for obstructing the peace process and what to do going forward. Please call the President and your member of Congress.

Tell them that they, the Quartet, are to blame for the Arab-Israeli or Muslim-against-Jew conflict. Why? Not once have they allowed the Israelis a total military victory. Israel’s enemies need to approach the peace table and surrender unconditionally on Israel’s terms! Terms for real peace – not land, one piece at time!

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