Refusing to Enforce the Law: An Act of Political Cowardice?

December 31, 2009
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

When Presidents suspend the laws passed by the nation’s elected representatives, see Presidential Determination No. 2009-19, in order to support and/or appease nefarious groups, immediate steps to withdraw U.S. foreign aid must be taken by the Congress.

Rightly, American Presidents fear that the predominantly Muslim Arab “Palestinian” population will continue to threaten the American people and their national security interests if they enforce specific federal statutes such as Public Law 111-8, Sec. 7039 (b)(c) and Public Law 104-45, Sec. 3. Therefore, why does the government of the United States, under the President’s leadership, continue to give away American taxpayer revenue to provide economic aid to so-called moderate groups such as Fatah, as well as, to Hamas who continually demand that all Americans and Jews be killed?

Be advised that while the President prevents movement on Public Law 104-45, the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, he continues to authorize the provision of more American taxpayer assistance to support a population that to-date has received over $2.9 billion in American taxpayer assistance just since 1993. Indeed, American taxpayers have sought to prop up Palestinian refugees, given special status since the 1950s, unlike millions of other refugees, including the Jews, who from the first half of the last century have since settled and moved on with their lives.

Notably now, in the midst of a deep economic recession, the United States needs to defund all groups that glorify, advocate, support, and/or participate in terrorism and use those available resources to execute federal law.

Write the President at Request that he enforce Public Law 104-45.

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