Special Guest Major General Paul Vallely on Events Surrounding the President’s Decision to Withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal, Iran’s Increase in Ballistic Missile Production; and, Expansion of Islamic Terrorist Activities

Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Iranian officials made clear to President Trump and America’s European allies that the regime would remain unwilling to discuss the Islamic Republic’s increased production of ballistic missiles and its regional expansion. And then the world learned that Iran had lied about its pursuit of nuclear weapons and the means of delivering them.

As a result, President Trump announced on Tuesday, 05.08.2018, his decision to withdraw from the Obama-led Iran nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or J.C.P.O.A.

No longer will billions of dollars be made available to Iran. President Trump will reinstate all sanctions prior to the deal and impose additional economic penalties in an effort to curtail Iran’s aggressive use of terrorism, the funding of terrorist organizations and militias, and the building of ballistic missiles with the capability of carrying nuclear warheads.

Hear special guest retired U.S. Army Major General Paul Vallely’s reaction to this and more. Major General Vallely is a graduate of West Point Military Academy and the Army War College, served in Vietnam, has over 15 years in Special Operations, Psychological and Civil Military Operations, and has also served as a military analyst for Fox News and other television and radio broadcasts and is the Chairman of Stand Up America. [See: http://www.standupamericaus.org/sua/]

The Major General reacts to the implications of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s presentation to world leaders on Project Amad.

This project was exposed by Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu and evidence now shows Iran’s Fordo nuclear site, built into the side of a mountain some 200 kilometers south of Tehran, has continued to operate at an expanded rate of operation since the signing of the nuclear deal in 2015 with the Six Global Powers.

Israel Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has noted: “You don’t put centrifuges under a mountain in order to create medical isotopes. You do it to create nuclear weapons.” According to the nuclear deal, in order to keep the Fordo site operational, Iran was required by the IAEA to come clean about its nuclear program. But in point of fact, Iran has lied and its military budget has grown by 40% since the signing of the deal.

Iran could have come clean. “They could have told the truth, could’ve said they’d shelved the program and destroyed the material. But Iran actually denied the existence of a coordinated program aimed at creating nuclear weapons devices,” according to Prime minister Netanyahu. [See: https://worldisraelnews.com/netanyahu-exposes-irans-nuclear-weapons-program-sure-trump-will-right-thing/?htm_source=browser&utm_medium=push_notification&utm_campaign=PushCrew_notification_1525107858&pushcrew_powered=1]

On a related issue: What should the President of the United States, as well as, the Department of Justice and Attorney General Jeff Sessions do with respect to former Secretary of State John Kerry who is busily engaging world leaders – including the foreign minister of Iran – in a campaign of shadow diplomacy which was aimed at keeping the nuclear agreement intact.

Kerry has worked hard, against a sitting President, to preserve a failed political legacy. Team Obama refused to address Iran’s ballistic missile advancements, the spread of Islamic terrorism, and its intention to ultimately destroy Israel. Now, twice, Israel has been attacked by Iran over the last several days.

Recall that political experts on the left demanded Michael Flynn be charged under the Logan Act for engaging in diplomacy during the in-coming Trump administration’s transition period. But John Kerry is being treated as the hero by the Left as he works against the current administration as someone who is no longer a member of the United States government.

What should be done to address Kerry’s rogue activities? Should he not be prosecuted?

Hear Major General Vallely also address President Obama’s decision to turn his back on freedom fighters in Iran who were counting on the former U.S. President to help accelerate reform in Iran and walk back the Islamic revolutionary regime’s brutality.

And hear more on Israel’s decision to strike back after Iran launched 30 rockets hitting numerous targets inside Israel’s Golan Heights area.

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