Spreading Islam’s Influence in the United States

June 25, 2013
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Quietly spreading Islam’s influence in the United States, the Islamist Prime Minister of Turkey, recently paid Americans a visit. 

He came to survey the site of his government’s new project – a $100 million mosque located near this nation’s seat of government in Washington, D.C. 

As human rights abuses have been unleashed against protesters in cities across Turkey, Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan, says he wants to promote Islamist values here in the U.S. Considering that Turkey’s Islamic value system has lead to the arrest of 4 Americans and 7 other foreign nationals for exercising their inherent free speech rights, the Turk’s value system hardly seems worthy of pursuit. 

Then of course, there is the on-going persecution of Christians, Jews, and other religious minorities by the Turkish government. It is a centuries old problem in Turkey that includes the genocide of the Armenian population in the last century – a crime against humanity that the Turkish government refuses to acknowledge.

Turkey suggests that Turks are a tolerant people and therefore the Armenian massacres would be an “impossibility.” Likewise, eye-witness accounts of those massacres are treated as an insult against the “Turkishness,” of Turkey. The photo image found on my Facebook post is of an Armenian woman with children. Armenian families were rounded up and forced on death marches into the desert without food or water as Turkish authorities drove them out of the country. Click here to view more on the Armenian Genocide

Then too, there are those Greek Orthodox Christians who following World War I, were transferred to Greece under the terms of the 1923 population exchange between Greece and Turkey. (By the way, speaking of population exchanges, why does Israel not exchange those persecuted Jews living in Muslim Arab countries for Muslim Arabs (Palestinians) living and terrorizing Jews in Israel?) 

Today, Turkey’s government continues to support terrorism against innocents by serving as an advocate for HAMAS, the Islamic Resistance Movement, a terrorist organization in Gaza that seeks the annihilation of the people of Israel. Indeed, HAMAS openly rejects a peaceful settlement with the Jewish state.

Furthermore, Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan, encourages HAMAS’s recalcitrance by refusing efforts to end the flow of weapons from Turkish groups to HAMAS or to call for an end to HAMAS terrorism. 

Strategic Solutions recommends the following:
• The immediate release of all 11 foreign nationals including four Americans, two British citizens, two French nationals, one Indian, one German, and one Greek, from Turkish custody;

• A call by Turkey’s Prime Minister to its ally HAMAS to end all terrorism and specifically against Israel, an important U.S. strategic ally; and,
• An immediate end to Turkish persecution of religious minorities despite the fact that Muslims represent 99% of the Turkish population. The safety and security of minority religious groups must be protected. 

These conditions should be met before any construction of the Turkish government’s mosque just outside the nation’s capital.

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