Terrorists Who Get Away With Murder

December 30, 2011
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

The Department Of Justice is failing its mandate to prosecute terrorists who kill Americans overseas. In 2005, the Justice Department established an office to investigate and prosecute terrorists who maim and murder Americans abroad. However, todate, not one Muslim Arab or Palestinian terrorist appears to have been investigated or prosecuted.

Justice for the victims of terrorism in Israel, including Judea, Samaria, (the disputed territories), and the Gaza was supposed to have been secured through the passage of the Koby Mandell Act. The legislation was named after 13 year old Koby Mandell, from Silver Springs, Maryland, a boy violently stoned to death by Muslim Arab Palestinians in 2001.

Out of the Koby Mandel Act came The Office of Justice for Victims of Overseas Terrorism (OVT) within the Department of Justice. Again, the purpose of the OVT is to ensure the rigorous investigation and prosecution of terrorists who attack Americans on foreign soil. Opened for six years now, not one terrorist implicated in the murder of an American in Israel or the disputed territories has been brought to justice on American soil. The mother of the late Koby Mandell, Sherri Mandell, indicates that the OVT is both unresponsive and fails to notify victims’ families on investigations and efforts to capture suspects. Mrs. Mandell remains uninformed regarding the investigation into the brutal murder of her son.

Are Muslim Arab Palestinians getting a free pass from the Justice Department as the Obama Administration continues to fund the Palestinian Authority as well as those living in Gaza under the Islamic Resistance Movement’s authority, HAMAS? Bear in mind that the Anti-Terrorism Act of 1986 also states that when an American is killed or injured overseas, the U.S. government has the right to bring those criminal(s) to these shores to stand justice.

Furthermore, in order to secure the freedom of Gilad Shalit who was abducted by HAMAS and held in solitary confinement, brutalized underground for more than 5 years, Israel agreed to release more than 1,027 Palestinian terrorists from Israeli jails in October and in December of 2011. Several of these terrorists have been involved in killing or wounding United States citizens. Other terrorists include Ahlam Tamimi, mastermind behind the horrific suicide bombing of a restaurant in Jerusalem in 2001. It was there that 15 civilians were murdered including one 15 year old American, Malki Roth.

When Tamimi was told that her bomb attack murdered several civilians, including 8 children, the unrepentant Tamimi said in effect, I would not hesitate to murder again. Tamimi continues to be honored by the Muslim Arab community including the Palestinian Authority and HAMAS who hold her up as a role model for all Muslim women to follow. [See The Middle East Media Research Institute’s media clip no. 3157, dated October 19, 2011.]

It is time that the Office of Victims of Overseas Terrorism finally does its job! Call your member of Congress and demand justice now at 202.224.3121. Ask that recently released Palestinian terrorists, from Israeli jails with American blood on their hands, be brought to justice in America now! In addition, contact the OVT and demand that the current Director, Heather Cartwright, do her job and respond to requests for information by victims’ families. You can reach the OVT at 202.532.4100 or 800.851.3420. Thank you!

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