The Denice Gary Pandol Show: On American Muslims Who Turn on their Fellow Americans; Hillary Clinton Embraces a Culture of Death; and, Christians Brutalized in Pakistan

July 21, 2015
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Celebrating a culture of death, Islamic societies embrace Allah’s commands for jihad or holy war, in order to spread Islamic supremacism as outlined in the tenets of faith, found within the pages of the Koran.

Westerners call this terrorism, i.e., the random and indiscriminate killing for religious and/or political objectives. While Islamists glorify and celebrate jihadists who die in the cause of a holy war, terrorists are repudiated as barbarians in the West.

However, despite a Western culture rooted in a Judeo-Christian belief system that values life and suggests that all lives matter, the Democrats are denying this rich American heritage.

Hear presidential candidate Hillary Clinton make clear that millions of Americans must change their deeply held beliefs concerning the barbaric practice of murdering approximately 1.3 million defenseless, innocent souls each year – over 50 million since 1973.

Scientific evidence shows that infants in the womb suffer excruciating pain due to developing nerve endings as they must endure the brutality of an abortion process. But former Secretary of State Clinton and the Left in America do not care. [].

Has the American Left become more like Islamic societies – placing a higher value on death rather than on life?

Also, hear more about last week’s conversation with a Middle East Specialist whose focus is Christian persecution. Raymond Ibrahim spoke on this broadcast regarding “moderate” Muslims who turn on and kill long-time non-Muslim “friends.” [See:].

Following this dialogue on 07.14.2015, the community of Chattanooga, Tennessee witnessed a Muslim man, raised for the most part in the United States, turn on his community and kill the very people who have helped to secure the blessings of liberty that every Muslim enjoys as a naturalized citizen of the U.S.

Hear from your host what you are not hearing in the media as government and media personalities continue to ask: Why did the shooter, Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, do what he did? What were his motives?

And on this subject, learn what Egyptian President Al-Sisi’s answer is to the deepening threat from Islamic terrorists inside his own country. What was his latest move back in February and March of this year?

Once you discover what is happening in Al-Sisi’s country you may want to make your own recommendations to the current administration and Congress.

See my post at, 07.07.2013, in which I give an account of how Muslim Brotherhood followers in Egypt turned on their Christian neighbors. Reflecting mass sentiment, note what one demonstrator, an Egyptian woman, stated: “I just want to say one thing to the Christians: You are our neighbors. We will set you on fire.” Another pro-Morsi protestor stated: “Beware. You have created a new Taliban and a new Al Qaeda in Egypt.” [See this televised clip at []

Morning Star News reported that Muslim mobs “attacked Christian homes, business and church buildings and were suspected in the shooting death of a priest.” [See:…/muslim-brotherhood-supporters…/]

Call your member of Congress at 202.224.3121. Insist that Muslim immigration into the U.S. end until victory in the war against Islamic terrorism is achieved, or at the very least, Muslim applications for entry into the United States are fully vetted.

And learn why Jeb Bush should not be nominated as the Republican Party’s presidential candidate. Learn of his dangerous link to James A. Baker, III.

And pray for Asia Bibi’s immediate release from prison. Christians and other religious minorities, even children, are persecuted mercilessly and murdered for their faith in the Muslim country of Pakistan. [See my News Alert at].

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