The Denice Gary Pandol Show: Did President Obama Threaten to Shoot Down Israeli Fighter Jets in a Military Attack Against Iran’s Nuclear Sites; Is Another Christian and Jewish Genocide Evolving in the 21st Century; An Update on ISIS in America; and, Palestinians Recruit for Anarchy in America

April 28, 2015
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Did President Obama threaten to shoot down Israeli Air Force fighter jets after learning of a plan in 2014 by the Netanyahu government to carry out airstrikes against Iran’s nuclear program? Learn more.

Hear national security news and analysis on Iran and its latest show of force. Today the Iranian navy fired warning shots and later boarded a U.S. cargo ship owned by an American based company, Oaktree Capital, in the Strait of Hormuz. U.S. Naval Forces Central Command has reportedly sent a U.S. destroyer and an aircraft to monitor the situation following a distress call from the cargo vessel. The ship was last reported outside Bandar Abbas port.

Consider that while American hostages continue to be held and tortured behind prison walls as threats of destruction and annihilation against the United States and Israel remain constant, the Obama administration continues its efforts to “normalize” relations with Iran.

And while the Islamic regime purposes to be the largest state sponsor of terrorism and most combative belligerent in the region, it continues to back Hizballah and Al Qaeda attacks against U.S. interests. Meanwhile, team Obama negotiates sanctions relief on a nuclear deal that leaves Iran with the capability of building nuclear weapons. Hear more.

Understand the motives behind the Muslims of the Ottoman caliphate in Turkey who committed genocide in the name of Islam against 1.5 million Armenian Christians. Between 1913 and 1922 Turkey managed to massacre 3.5 million Armenian, Assyrian and Greek Christians in a state-sponsored campaign of death and destruction.

Is there another Christian and possibly Jewish genocide evolving in this century? Find out more and learn what you can do to help prevent another major holocaust in the 21st century.

Hear the latest on issues concerning the Islamic State and its expanding marketing campaign in the United States and around the world as more recruits join the ranks of ISIS.

Also learn about Muslim Arab or Palestinian groups promoting violence and destruction on the streets of Baltimore as Palestinians work to recruit new members and encourage anarchy here in the United States.

In addition, get an update on Israel as rockets land on the Golan Heights inside the Jewish state.


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