The Denice Gary Pandol Show: Special Guest Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely on Unreported Iranian Threats to the US and Israel and Security Chief Josh Wander in Jerusalem on Disturbingly Vicious Attacks Against Jews and Christians

September 29, 2015
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

After the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, (JCPOA), was signed in July, Iranians have continued to express their intent to destroy the United States and raise the “Flag of Islam over the White House,” and wipe Israel off the map. [, Special Dispatch 5996.]

Indeed, the Islamic Republic’s goal of annihilating Israel and establishing supremacy over the Middle East marches on through precision-guided ballistic missile development, official statements, and recent state propaganda depicting an invasion of Israel using mass numbers of soldiers and operatives from Palestinian HAMAS, (the Islamic Resistance Movement), Hizballah, (the Party of God), the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp and other terror entities.

Hear my special guest Major General Paul Vallely, (ret.), discuss the JCPOA. Does Iran already have the capability of putting together a weapon of mass destruction? Is there a Chinese nuclear pipeline that has been covertly sending nuclear related materials to Iran? Has Obama threatened war against U.S. ally, Israel, if the Israelis strike Iran’s nuclear infrastructure?

Find out what radio and television sources have specifically failed to report concerning the long range implications of the Obama led nuclear deal. And learn what necessary, viable and common sense option is available to shut down Iran’s nuclear weapons capability by the United States and Israel.

And just as Maj. Gen. Vallely has joined with nearly 200 retired military generals and admirals to encourage Congress to walk away from the JCPOA, please do likewise. Contact your congressional representative at 202.224.3121. Tell your member of Congress to take action to impede the billions of dollars flooding into Iran and being used to upgrade and support its terror cells around the world.

Also hear Joshua Wander, Jerusalem Security Chief, on the lack of religious freedom for Christians and especially Jewish citizens, as an increase in Arab (Palestinian) attacks continues as Muslims terrorize even the smallest of children and the elderly on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

In addition, learn the kind of terror threats facing home town communities as your host shares numerous FBI arrests around the country.

And what about all those jihadist groups using social media outlets such as Facebook – find out!

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