The Denice Gary Pandol Show: With Dir. Daube, ZOA, in Jerusalem on Looming Security Threats; Celebrating Kern County Sheriff Youngblood on DHS / ICE Cooperation; and Russia’s Veiled Threat

July 28, 2015
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Did Russian bombers just fly within 40 miles of Northern California with one pilot in a Russian Tu-95 Bear bomber state: “Good morning American pilots, we are here to greet you . . . .” [See:].

And while the Obama administration continues to engage in negotiations with Islamic terror organizations, such as the Taliban in Afghanistan, learn about a controversial intelligence-sharing pact signed between the military Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency of the Islamic regime in Pakistan and the Afghani spy service.

And again, pray for Asia Bibi’s immediate release. She has spent five (5) years in a dingy, isolated prison cell for her Christian faith. Her health has been steadily deteriorating and for Asia’s safety and that of her children and husband, they will all need to exit Pakistan very soon.

Phone the Embassy of Pakistan at 202.243.6500 and the Consulate at 202.243.6500. If unable to speak to an official directly, leave a voicemail message. Demand that Asia Bibi, a mother of 5, be released from prison immediately. See my News Alert at

Christians and other religious minorities, including children, are persecuted mercilessly, beaten to death, and sometimes burned alive for their Christian faith in Muslim dominant countries such as Pakistan.

Also on this broadcast is special guest, Director Jeff Daube of the Zionist Organization of America in Jerusalem, Israel. Listen-in as we discuss the very latest and share our analysis on national security issues that impact both Israel and the United States as well as the latest on Jonathan Pollard who may be released this November.

And find out more regarding administration officials who suggest that Pollard will not be allowed to enter Israel because “Americans are worried he will get a “hero’s welcome.” Really, and who might those Americans be? What was Pollard’s crime? Sharing information on regional threats to the state of Israel – intelligence information that the United States, by law, was required to share with Israel? Learn more.

Moreover, celebrate along with The Denice Gary Pandol Show, Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood. Sheriff Youngblood has elected to provide Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) an office at a local county prison to help ensure that illegal criminal aliens are not released back on the streets of Kern County to commit more crimes under a plan known as Priority Enforcement Program (PEP).

PEP is a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) initiative that can be entered into with your own state and/or local law enforcement agencies. It focuses on undocumented convicted criminals and others who pose a danger to public safety. [See: ]. Encourage your state and local law enforcement officials to cooperate with DHS and ICE to help secure the safety of American streets and roadways.

Also hear on this broadcast ICE Director Saldana’s testimony in the Senate. Clearly, the Obama Administration prioritizes non-citizens ahead of the safety of American citizens in regard to sanctuary cities.

Team Obama and the Democrats have suggested that there will be “no negative consequences” to the cities that act as a sanctuary for illegals and are clearly in violation of federal law.

Meanwhile 25,000 thousand people, such as Kathryn Steinle, Denny McCann, Danny Oliver, and Grant Ronnebeck, would still be alive were it not for illegal aliens stalking America’s streets.

Hear Senator Ted Cruz during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on immigration policy in which Senator Cruz questioned Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) director Sarah Saldana about the number of “criminal illegal aliens” released by the federal government. Saldana sought to justify the release of thousands of convicted criminal illegal aliens when Cruz confronted her with the statistics.

Cruz pointed out: “… know that your testimony here, on how many criminals ICE released in 2013, you were off by a factor of three. You said 30,000. The correct answer is 104,000. There were 68,000 criminal illegal aliens that ICE declined to begin deportation proceedings against…

You are omitting the 68,000 criminal illegal aliens that ICE did not begin deportation proceedings against at all. You’ve got to add both of those together, it is over 100,000.” [See: ].

Call your member in the House and Senate at 202.224.3121. Insist that the latest Senate bill, S.1814 be passed into law. This is a national security issue. [See:].

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