The Denice Gary Show: Hear Dr. Mireskandari, Founder of the Coalition of Iranian Opposition Groups on Exposing Terror Cells in the U.S.; Learn More on the Increase of Anti-Semitism in America and the Election of Two Islamists to Congress, Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib; and More

March 9, 2019
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Hear this exclusive interview with Dr. Shahrokh, (Sean), Mireskandari, Founder of the Coalition of Iranian Opposition Groups on his work with the FBI, CIA, and The Department of Homeland Security to expose and bring to justice Iranian-backed cells operating in the United States including #Hezbollah and the #IRGC, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. This segment begins at approximately 16:55 into the show at or visit The Denice Gary Show’s Youtube channel, iTunes, or Soundcloud to hear this broadcast.

Also on this broadcast, hear a brief discussion on California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra. A Democrat, AG Becerra is again suing President Trump. Using California’s taxpayer dollars, Becerra has launched 46 lawsuits against the Trump administration since the President’s election in 2016, less than two-and-half years ago. The latest lawsuit is over the National Emergency Declaration by the President to expedite completion of the border barrier. Consider, 58 national emergencies have been declared by prior presidents since 1976. Also, hear Stephen Miller, policy adviser to the President, on the importance of this Declaration towards ending the humanitarian crisis along the border.

On another broadcast at hear Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan tell anti-Semitic Representative Ilhan Omar, a Somali American originally from Mogadishu and a Democrat from Minnesota, “Sweetheart, Don’t Apologize” as Omar and her fellow anti-Semitic Representative Rashida Talib, a Democrat from Michigan, continue to insist that American supporters of Israel have dual loyalty. As Democrats continue to support Islamists, they invite violent attacks on their fellow Americans.

Meanwhile, learn of Muslim Arab or “Palestinian” attacks on Israel, as rockets are fired on the innocent from the Gaza Strip.

Also on this show, hear Department of Homeland Security, Secretary Nielsen, make clear that there is no “manufactured crisis” at the border as Democrats continue to claim, but in fact there is a tremendous humanitarian crisis as children are recycled as props by human traffickers, cartels, and other transnational criminals. Find out more….

On another topic, #Democrats and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi call for a “massive uprising” as Congressman Nadler sends demand letters to people who have known or worked for the President. Liberals are calling for new and aggressive investigations. NO collusion has been found by special prosecutor Mueller after over two years of investigations by a team of Leftist lawyers. Learn more on how Democrats continue to search for possible crimes in which to charge President Trump. Will these 81 people, now notified to appear before Congress, spend their hard earned money on attorneys or resist and refuse to cooperate with the political harassment and persecution from the Left?



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