The Denice Gary Show: Special Guest, Director Jeff Daube from Jerusalem, Israel on the Largest Attack in a 24-Hour Period as a Barrage of Nearly 500 Rockets Land in Israel; How Democrats Continue to Raise the Cost of Living in California; and, Update on Christian Woman, Asis Bibi, Sentenced to Death for “Blasphemy” Against Islam

November 14, 2018
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Not available on any other news network, hear this exclusive with Director, JEFF DAUBE of the Zionist Organization of America, ZOA, on the largest rocket attack, in a 24-hour period, from the Islamic Resistance Movement, HAMAS. This a terrorist entity that maintains its control over the Gaza Strip to Israel’s south. [This broadcast can also be viewed here:]

Nearly 500 rockets have landed in Israel’s civilian neighborhoods in Southern Israel. [See:] Suffering from on-going PTSD symptoms continues among the children as well as the adult population. Meanwhile, humanitarian aid from Israel continues to be transported by truck to the Gaza.

From JERUSALEM, Director Daube speaks to the on-going debate inside Israel on how best to respond to a war of attrition by the terrorist entity HAMAS and its army, while HAMAS’ top leader, Yahya Sinwar, states the Islamic Resistance Movement “will surprise the entire world … we will take down the border and we will tear out their hearts from their [Jewish] bodies … and we will pray in Jerusalem.” Note to audience: Muslims ALREADY pray in Jerusalem and specifically, they pray on the Temple Mount. Unlike Muslim Arab nation-states, Israel is a democracy, religious freedom is exercised by one-and-all.

In addition, find out how some Israelis view the misleading, anti-Israel reports by Fox News host Brett Baier of Special Report and The New York Times?

On another topic concerning California’s deadly wildfire, the death toll continues to climb as does the number of individuals missing. PRAY these missing souls are immediately found and are in good health.

And learn how California’s Pacific Gas & Electric, PG&E, are being sued. Found to be responsible for some of the California fires this year, Democrats in California’s State Legislature have passed legislation that will require the ratepayers, you and I, to offset PG&E costs due to the several lawsuits the company now faces – more bad news for California residents following the mid-term elections and increases in taxes thanks to Democratic legislators.

Moreover, an important update on the issue of asylum in the West for a Christian woman, Asia Bibi, as thousands of Muslims remain in the streets of Pakistan calling for her immediate execution. Asia Bibi was accused of “blasphemy” against Islam which carries a death penalty in many Muslim dominant countries. [See:]

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