The Denice Gary Show: Special Guest, ZOA Director Jeff Daube, in Jerusalem, Israel on Possible War with Iranian Proxies; What Leftists Support in California’s Democratically Controlled State Legislature; and, The First Lady in Africa

October 3, 2018
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Will an Iranian-backed Hizballah fight a bloody war against the lone Democracy in the Middle East on two fronts, possibly three?

Is the Trump administration ready to stand with Israel if war breaks out?

Hear The Denice Gary Show with special guest, Director Jeff Daube of the Zionist Organization of America in Israel, here, or view the show at

ZOA Director Daube in Jerusalem, speaks to the serious threat of war in the Middle East. The Islamic Republic of Iran has threatened a war of genocide against the Jewish state as the Islamic regime continues to fund, promote, and arm the army of Hizballah, the Islamic Resistance Movement, (HAMAS), and other terror affiliated groups.

Hizballah is the second most powerful military force in the Middle East and reportedly, is second only to the Israel Defense Forces. Breaking from the Obama administration – the Trump administration shares Israel’s position that ALL Iranian forces must withdraw from Syria.

Unfortunately, Syrian forces, together with Hizballah, have seized the area along Israel’s border. Hizballah forces, known and seen to be wearing Syrian military uniforms, are deployed directly across from Israeli communities.

National Security Advisor Bolton says that Hizballah must return back to Lebanon. To-date, they have not. Moreover, Hizballah’s expanded control of Lebanon’s government in parliamentary elections has increased their strength in light of the potential to use a well-armed Lebanese army.

Also on this broadcast, you will learn why the Democrat Lieutenant Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, now, candidate for Governor, is celebrated in First Grade textbooks in California; why Republicans in seven, (7), California Congressional Districts are fighting so hard to win; new legislation by Democrats require women to sit on corporate boards whether qualified or not; and, Judge Kavanaugh’s accusers have been found guilty of criminal activity.

Also, learn more on the First Lady, Melania Trump’s promotion of children’s cause in Africa.

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