The Denice Gary Show: Special Guest Major General Paul Vallely on The Chinese Threat to the United States and Hizballah’s Threats Against Israel; Liberal California Leads the Nation in Poverty; and, President Trump Works to Grow Technical and Vocational Opportunities as Over 6.6 Million Jobs are Now Available Under His Leadership

September 21, 2018
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

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Talking points for this broadcast include:

Major General Paul Vallely, (Ret), speaks to China’s massive military build-up, its influence in the Middle East, and its potential impact on U.S. national security.

China’s military is among the world’s largest. Recently the regime constructed two military bases in Pakistan, increased its over-water bomber capabilities, continues to grow its cyber and space weapons, builds and deploys advanced missiles, and dominates the Asia-Pacific region as it expands its predatory economic polices.

On this note, the Major General is asked to address concerns on the part of regional observers, like myself, on the decision by Afghan and Pakistani leaders to engage in peace talks under China’s leadership and without the defeat of Taliban Forces.

Also, the Major General addresses recent statements by a senior Hizballah commander who suggests that there are “many surprises” in-store for Israel. Meanwhile, the Israelis maintain battle readiness in the event of war on their northern border with Lebanon.

On another topic, the Trump Administration works to support technical and vocational education programs to equip Americans with the skills needed to succeed as 6.6 million more employment opportunities are now available.

Finally, the most liberal state in America, California, leads the nation in poverty – learn more.


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