Tortured, Imprisoned and Sentenced to Die for her Faith

July 2, 2015
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Contact the Embassy of Pakistan at 202.243.6500 and the Consulate at 202.243.6500. Demand that Asia Bibi, a mother of 5, be released from prison immediately. Leave messages if no one answers. Consider the ridiculous charge of blasphemy brought by a Muslim dominant country against this young Christian woman.

Asia Bibi has spent the last five years in prison in Pakistan for daring to drink water from a “Muslim well.” She is a Christian who has been tortured and persecuted for her faith in Christ as has her family and so many other thousands of Christians throughout Pakistan.

One day, while laboring in the heat, Asia became thirsty and went to a well to get a drink of water as she had done in times past. However this time, her Muslim co-workers complained.

Because Asia is a Christian, she was told that she had “defiled” the well. An argument ensued and Asia defended her faith to her Muslim co-workers who then tried to force her to convert to Islam. Asia refused and was subsequently accused of insulting the Islamic prophet Mohammad. It remains a charge Asia denies. She was then arrested, tortured, and imprisoned.

In November 2010, a Sheikhupura judge sentenced her to death. If executed, Bibi would be the first woman in Pakistan to be lawfully killed for blasphemy. [See:…]

Since her incarceration, Asia has faced horrific conditions and extreme pressure to convert to Islam. At one point her family states that during interrogations she asked for a drink and they gave her urine. [See:…]

Though there has been a global outcry in support of Bibi, world leaders, like America’s own president, have not called for her release.

Meanwhile, Pakistan receives billions of dollars of foreign aid from Western countries, including billions from American taxpayers here in the United States. [See:]

As President Obama looks the other way, the abuses increase and Muslim radicalism grows in Pakistan! Call the President’s comment line and ask that he champion the cause of Asia Bibi’s release and the release of other innocent Christians imprisoned and tortured for their faith at 202.456.1111 or 202.456.1414.

Silence is consent. Call today!

Indeed, as Asia Bibi makes clear to those who will listen: “You are my only hope of staying alive in this dungeon, so please don’t abandon me.” [See:…]

For decades, human rights abuses have been rampant in Pakistan as that country follows barbaric laws that lead to the numerous deaths of its ravaged Christian minority.

The world was stunned when just months ago a Muslim mob tortured and then burned a young Christian couple, the wife was pregnant, in a brick kiln oven on a false charge of burning texts taken from the Koran. [See:…/christian-couple-burned-alive-f…/ ] And the incidences of barbarism against Christians continues as the world stands idly by.

Watch Asia Bibi’s story at and then call or write your Senators and Representatives. Tell them to demand of Pakistan the immediate release of Ms. Bibi. The Capitol switchboard number is 202.224.3121.

Also, please keep her and her family in constant prayer. Asia’s family has gone into hiding due to death threats and has voiced concerns that she too could be killed by extremists if released from prison.

Contributions for Asia are also needed. She is in poor health and needs a doctor. [See:…].

Human Rights Defenders is another good way to defend Asia Bibi: Complete the contact form at the U.S. Department of State’s website:

Again, contact the Pakistani Embassy in Washington DC at 202.243.6500 and/or .

Thank you!

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