United States and Germany Call for the Release of Muslim Brotherhood Leader

July 18, 2013
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Turkey and Iran are demanding strong international reaction to the deposing of the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt. Turkey has appealed to the United Nations Security Council in particular and is dialing up the foreign ministers of countries around the globe. 

Although the Turks and Iranians compete for power and influence in the Middle East, both nations want to see the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist movement, a sponsor of terrorism, and a fierce opponent of the existence of a Jewish state, reinstated into positions of power in Egypt. 

Enter the United States and Germany. Both as of Friday, 07.12.13, have now called on the Egyptian military to release President Morsi. 

Meanwhile, William Burns, Deputy Secretary of State is not welcome by the Islamists or the Tamarud anti-Morsi protest movement. The State Department said Burns would meet with civil groups as well as government officials in Egypt. So far elements from both sides have turned down invitations to meet Burns.

It is interesting to observe that President Obama, who maintains close working relationships with Muslim Brotherhood supporters in the White House, is now calling for the release of Morsi, shown here, bowed down and praying inside an Egyptian mosque in which the cleric is calling for victory over the “infidels.” While the term “infidels” refers to any non-Muslim, it is typically used in reference to Americans, Israelis, and other Westerners from allied nations. [Hear this televised clip at http://youtu.be/5FPrAFAXjP4 ].

Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his political party, the Justice and Development Party, like the Brotherhood, are also rooted in Islamism. Meanwhile, Iran, a shi’ite nation, is ideologically very close to the Muslim Brotherhood in its desire to establish Islamist states across the Middle East and around the world. 

What do Islamists in Turkey, Iran, Egypt, and throughout the Muslim world all have in common? They desire to see Israel’s destruction – in their view a Jewish state should not be equal to other nations in a region dominated by Muslim Arabs. [See MEMRI’s televised clip of Brotherhood leader at http://youtu.be/c9OPdjbVwjs and Morsi himself, calling for Israel’s destruction at http://youtu.be/Q3NCiaozL0k ]. 

Today, 25 Egyptian tank carriers, armored vehicles, and rocket launchers have deployed in Sinai along the Gaza Strip. Even now equipment, paratroopers, commandos and Egyptian infantry soldiers are in the city of El-Arish. 

What’s next?

Strategic Solutions recommends that the United States end its support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The Brotherhood will only turn the most populous Arab state into a state sponsor of terrorism against Israel, the U.S., and Western allied nations and usher in untold atrocities against Egypt’s Christian population.

In addition, Strategic Solutions suggests that the United States end any further aid or support to Egypt’s armed forces until such time it has been determined that while many Islamists have now become a part of Egypt’s military infrastructure, the central military high command will remain determined to keep the peace with Israel and thereby, help forge a more stable Middle East and secure the strategic Suez Canal.

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