Is the United States Senate Criminalizing Free Speech?

July 26, 2017
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Working behind the scenes to criminalize free speech rights in the United States, viciously anti-Semitic Islamic groups who condemn U.S. counter-terrorism measures, groups like MPAC, the Muslim Public Affairs Council and Emgage USA, drafted U.S. Senate Resolution 118 – unanimously approved by the Senate. It is a resolution that condemns any form of expression that may be PERCEIVED as hostile or racist.

Is it racist now to discuss totalitarian ideologies that call for global domination? Nazism, Communism and Islamism – these ideas are not exclusively held by any one race or ethnic group.

While Islamists are calling for the destruction of America, are Americans to be penalized for “hate speech” by analyzing and discussing Islamic terrorism or Female Genital Mutilation and honor killings? These may be widely celebrated practices in the Muslim world, but in the United States, they are investigated, at taxpayer expense, as crimes across the country.

This 1400-year-old politicized religion, called Islam, continues its forward march as in medieval times; declaring wars against the infidels and infidel nations, massacring the innocent and committing genocide, events we see tweeted, Facebooked, and Instagramed daily while inside America’s mosques1q, jihad is openly preached from the pages of the Koran and the Hadiths – Muslim holy books.

America’s heritage of freedom is in sharp contrast to the Koran and its barbaric laws to establish Islamic supremacy through a global caliphate.

The World War II generation fought the political church of Nazism and Communism.

NOW, it’s our turn! EVERY GENERATION must work to preserve America’s freedoms.

Stand for free speech today! Tell your Senators NO to Senate Resolution 118!

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