Update: Killing the Innocent?

March 26, 2010
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

National hand wringing about collateral damage will only frustrate attempts at winning the war against global terrorism. Crises initiated by Islamic terrorist groups, in states and territories under Islamist control can, unfortunately, lead to the unintentional deaths of civilians in a war zone.

If the United States is serious about its commitment to win this fight against a world-wide jihadist movement, it cannot defraud or tie the hands of the only important strategic ally in the Middle East who stands firmly on the side of the U.S. As a strategic partner of the United States, Israel provides urban warfare training, improves “thousands of U.S. made military systems and technologies,” and contributes to U.S. military intelligence on a level that surpasses that of “all NATO countries combined.” Having to fight on the front lines of an Islamic global war, a battle tested Israel ably enhances the military edge of the United States in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere, promoting U.S. national security interests through unparalleled strategic cooperation.

Now, at a time of increasing violence against Israel by jihadists and ridicule and rebuke by the Obama administration, I have decided to reprint a revised version of an article I wrote in 2006, entitled: Killing the Innocent?

As of this posting, an area near the town of Sderot has just been bombed – again. There have been over 12,000 rocket attacks, 12,000 rocket attacks, on Israelis in recent years including deaths, injuries, extensive property damage, business closures, tens of thousands of residents abandoning their homes, children suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome, with nearly one million people living in extreme fear under a barrage of unrelenting terror attacks.

The onslaught is coming mostly from Arab Muslims or Hamas inside Gaza. Hamas represents the Palestinian wing of the Muslim Brotherhood founded in 1987. Interestingly enough, Osama bin Laden was mentored by an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader and Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, the architect of the 9/11 attacks, emerged out of the Kuwaiti Muslim Brotherhood. Indeed, Hamas, Al-Qaeda, Hizballah, Fatah, and several other Muslim Arab terrorist groups see themselves as an integral part of the global jihad network in support of the Muslim Brotherhood’s stated mission: An Islamic state worldwide. The Muslim Brotherhood inspires these groups to a “. . . grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western Civilization from within . . . . It is a Muslim’s destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes and there is no escape . . . .”

Furthermore, Fatah’s Palestinian Authority, (PA), which maintains control over some of the Muslim Palestinian terrorist groups such as Al-Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade and Islamic Jihad, continues to attack Israelis. Yes, this is the same PA that the Obama Administration insists Israel embrace as a partner in peace talks, the same PA that Obama believes should receive part of Israel’s historic homeland, including, Jerusalem, and the same PA that celebrates and honors Muslim killers who murder someone’s mother or father and/or children while receiving massive foreign aid from the United States, Western European countries, and the Muslim world.

Moreover, due to Al-Qaeda’s presence in areas under Fatah’s control, as well as in the Gaza Strip, and a massive arms build-up by Hizballah, which now possesses tens of thousands of rockets capable of reaching deep inside Israel, coupled with arms smuggling from Syria into Lebanon, tensions continue to rise between Israel and the terrorist groups that surround and remain within Israel’s borders.

Israel is paying a steep price for succumbing to American pressure to appease Palestinian terrorist groups and Hizballah. Israel stepped back from potentially decisive victories in 2006 and again in 2008 by entering into ceasefire agreements with Hamas and Hizballah at the behest of the Bush administration. By disallowing Israel’s right to pursue the unconditional surrender of her enemies, in a counter terrorism campaign, Western nations will also pay a price. As Major General (ret.) David L. Grange stated at the Jerusalem Conference in February, “violent extremist organizations . . . want us dead – mainly Israelis and Americans.” When Israel battles Arab or Palestinian Islamic terrorists without the cooperation and support of Western nations, the Islamic movement is emboldened and strengthened world-wide.

If Israel is forced to defend herself in another counter terrorism campaign in 2010 due to a new wave of attacks from Muslim Arab Palestinians (Hamas) in Gaza or by Hizballah along the Israeli-Lebanese border or by Fatah’s terror groups in Judea and Samaria, (West Bank), the outcome of Israel’s confrontation will be directly related to the national security interests of the United States.

Without United States approval for an-all-out Israeli military victory against the enemies of peace, these same jihadists will continue to be encouraged to attack not only Israel, but America, and the rest of the West.

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