U.S. Media and Hamas Take Aim at Israel

November 20, 2012
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

As bombs continue to fall inside Israel, Hamas broadcasts to the Israeli people: We “love death more than you love life.” “The price will be high, Sons of Zion. . . . All of Palestine is ours. There is nothing here for you but death.” [See http://palwatch.org/main.aspx?fi=157&doc_id=8022]. This is but one more message of terror as demands for war and violence emanate from Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement, and its supporters in Iran and Egypt and around the world. 

Hamas has fired several thousand rockets at Israel in the last decade. Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., Mr. Michael Oren, has stated that Hamas and Islamic Jihad had roughly 10,000 to 12,000 rockets when Operation Pillar of Defense began last Wednesday. Now about 1,100 have been fired at Israel in the last few days. Rockets are smuggled into Gaza either from Libya or from Iran.

Nevertheless, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan chose to call Israel a “terrorist state,” today. Muslim countries like Turkey and Qatar backed the Arab uprising that now boasts of regimes closely aligned and sympathetic to Hamas and the Islamist ideology. In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood rules and today Islamists in the city of Aleppo in Syria have just declared Aleppo an Islamic state. In Eastern Libya Al-Qaeda rules, in Tunisia Islamists rule and in parts of Yemen competing terrorist leaders rule. Also, in Saudi Arabia Islamists continue to rule and in the Gaza and in Palestinian Authority controlled areas, the Islamists also rule. 

In 2012, Israel finds herself in an increasingly dangerous and difficult situation. It is crucial that Hamas, supported by state sponsors of terror, be forced to surrender unconditionally. If not, terrorist groups operating in the Gaza will continue to be so emboldened that bombings will continue to kill civilians in Israel and target other Western destinations.

Meanwhile, Khaled Meshall, Hamas leader, wants Israel to meet Hamas conditions. Meshall stated that firing rockets into Israel will not stop until Israel lifts a blockade on certain products going into Gaza and commits to end any attacks on Gaza going forward. 

Israel needs to ignore Hamas demands and demands by Western leaders to show restraint and press on to win a decisive victory. 

Hamas does not have a right to exist. Therefore, no terrorist organization has a right to entertain negotiations or demand preconditions before a ceasefire or truce. In addition, the people who support terrorist organizations are not “innocent” civilians and remain culpable for the actions of a terrorist leadership and the organization they embrace.

As Israel’s civilians are deliberately targeted for murder no negotiated settlement should be pursued. Negotiations only serve to embolden the enemies of peace who will then continue to act freely in terrorizing Western nations and people. Protecting terrorists groups and the populations that support them only expands the expensive, deadly war by Western leaders against Islamic terrorism. 

Moreover, the U.S. media is taking aim at Israel as well. As Israel wakes up every day to face an on-going war by terrorist groups in the region, Americans are subjected to reporters like David Lee Miller of Fox news who make a point to report that women and children have been killed in Gaza as if Israel needs to end targeted attacks on terrorist residences, offices, storage facilities, launching pads for rockets, etc. Civilians are often killed during an armed conflict, however, the Israeli Defense Forces, IDF, never deliberately target civilians. This would be a violation of their Rules of Engagement, the same rules codified by the United States military.

Consider that Hamas launches rockets from residential areas making it extremely difficult for the IDF to avoid civilian casualties. Moreover, it is hardly a new revelation that Hamas surrounds terrorist leaders, weapons storehouses, and safe havens with women and children. And yet the Wall Street Journal reporter, Matt Bradley also focused on attacks in Gaza on “civilian” targets as if Israel was deliberately engaged in some reprehensible conduct. 

The bigger question should be why is the news media concentrating on Gazan casualaties? Gazans, afterall, support Hamas and in many cases are involved in advocating terrorist activity. 

Bottomline: Hamas declared war on Israel and Israel is prepared to defend her people and territorial integrity.

Unfortunately, reporters usually fail to report the facts fairly in Muslim wars against the Jewish state of Israel.

Telephone or email print and electronic news sources and inform them that Israel needs to continue to bombard Gaza until Israel enjoys total victory and ALL terrorist attacks end entirely – without conditions.

Hamas needs to agree to unconditional surrender before the fighting can cease. To help make this a reality, Israelis need to be supported in the war against Islamic terrorists by the U.S. media.


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