What Does the Future Hold for Syria’s Christian Population?

January 17, 2013
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

See the photo image of Al-Qaeda backed Syrian rebels showing their support for Al-Qaeda and its affiliates on my Facebook daily blog at Facebook.com/StrategicSolutionsForANewMiddleEast. Despite knowledge of its cooperation and support of Islamic terrorists, the Obama administration continues to support the Syrian rebel movement.

Now, heavily armed Syrian rebels linked to Al-Qaeda are threatening to murder all of Syria’s Christian population. Many have already been killed.

Fortunately, most of Syria’s Jewish community was able to escape the country over the last several years after centuries of vicious persecution and cruel treatment. Only about 50 families had remained. However, there are still some 1.8 million Christians in Syria today. 

The United States appears to have little if any leverage or influence over the Syrian rebels. Islamic Arab terrorists recognize the following:

– America is weakened economically thanks to President Obama’s lack of leadership regarding the nation’s debt crisis of $16 trillion;

– America is weakened militarily as the President prepares to decimate our nation’s military strength by making severe cuts in troop levels and capabilities; and,

– America is in retreat as this President refuses to maintain U.S. leadership in the fight against Islamic terrorists.

Meanwhile, Al-Qaeda readies for its next kill.


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