What Does The Resignation Mean?

November 11, 2012
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Central Intelligence Agency Director, former General David Petraeus has abruptly resigned. With his resignation comes the announcement by Patraeus himself that he will no longer testify as scheduled concerning the terrorist attack that left four (4) Americans dead. Coincidentally, Secretary Clinton has also stated that she too is unavailable for testimony at this time.

Patraeus’s resignation speaks to the utter lack of transparency by the Obama administration. The White House deliberately attempted to obfuscate this matter by withholding information on this potentially explosive development prior to the November 6th presidential election.

Patraeus states he resigned over an extramarital affair, an affair uncovered by an FBI investigation days prior to the election. Rumors circulating about possible security breaches and compromises regarding the national security of the United States surrounding this affair are only now surfacing three days after a presidential election.

Why did the White House keep this incident hidden until after the election? 

Again, another possible cover-up focuses attention on the fact that General Petraeus was scheduled to give testimony on Capitol Hill to the House Intelligence committee on what happened that night of 09.11.12 in Benghazi, Libya in just five short days.

While Patraeus appeared to be wedded to the story put out by the Obama team in the first several days and weeks following 09.11.12 that the murder of Americans in Benghazi was a result of protests over a film, the White House later suggested that it was a failure by the CIA to give the Obama administration adequate intelligence information. These later statements by the President and Secretary of State Clinton have served to blacken the eye of the CIA and its director and cast doubt on their competency to execute their role as an intelligence gathering agency whose goal is to secure the lives of Americans and American interests.

While Patraeus can be compelled to testify under subpoena, ultimately the former four star general and now, former CIA Director, can lawyer-up. 

Petraeus’s departure from the CIA leads Americans to wonder what the former CIA Director knows? He remains an essential witness, but no longer remains on the witness. With his resignation, he returned to civilian status.

The CIA has been at the center of an investigation of a terrorist attack. What did the agency know about the murder of four (4) Americans even as Obama on the campaign trail stated over and over again that Al-Qaeda is “decimated” and a peaceful democratic transition is underway in Libya.

The President has knowingly been wrong on both counts and has now participated in a cover-up of a CIA Director who only after an election comes forward with his resignation over an “affair.”

What does a former CIA Director not want to say under oath that may prove to be a tragic, awful tale regarding the Obama administration’s disturbing lack of response to repeated requests for help by four (4) Americans abandoned to die on foreign soil?

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