Why Protect Terrorists with Ceasefires?

November 24, 2012
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Hamas, Iran, Egypt and others celebrate the ceasefire with Israel. But is it in the best interests of either Israel or the U.S.? 

As Hamas and their Egyptian representatives demanded a ceasefire, the United States along with the international community chose to oblige them. Iran is now congratulating Hamas. It needed protection from Israel’s counter-terrorism measures – her right of self-defense. 

Hamas continues the rocket attacks however. Ceasefires mean nothing to terrorists, as one Israeli observed: “I am a resident of the South, and we’ve just been hit by a barrage of 10 Grad rockets . . . . What ceasefire are you talking about . . . and now Hamas is celebrating.” [Seehttp://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4310384,00.html]

Through surgical strikes, Israel was successfully targeting underground rocket launches, tunnels, and ammunition storage facilities, the command and control centers of terrorist operatives and their hideouts or safe houses.

Surgical strikes are very necessary in wars of attrition by terrorist groups. Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, described the situation well: “Hamas and the other terrorist organizations in Gaza have made normal life impossible for over one million Israelis.” More than 1,100 rockets were fired at Israel in just days, including three (3) elementary schools.

As Hamas deliberately targets civilians to maim and kill them, they commit a double war crime by placing civilians at precise locations the Israelis target as terrorist sites. Meanwhile, Israel unintentionally kills civilians when targeting terrorists and their infrastructure and is blamed for the war and defending her citizenry. 

There is no “moral symmetry” – no moral equivalence between terrorists and the nation-states that seek to defend their countrymen. 

Terrorist organizations have no “right” to exist. They commit heinous crimes and operate outside the law. Individuals and groups inside Gaza, the “civilians,” also act illegally when they provide material support or aid of any kind to a terrorist or terrorist organization. 

So with another ceasefire, entities like Hamas, its leadership, and the civilian population that support them remain protected. They regroup, rearm, and attacks continue. Brokering a cessation of attacks between a terrorist organization like Hamas and a democracy like Israel – committed to protecting its citizens – is a bad idea.

Hamas released a statement saying “we have won.” They are right. The free world loses again in the war against Islamic terrorism.

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