The Denice Gary Pandol Show: Dr. Mordechai Kedar on the Islamic Threat to Israel and the Nations; North Korea’s ICBMs Prepared to Carry Nuclear Warheads; and, Report on Slaughter of Christians in Muslim Countries

January 3, 2017
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Is North Korea in its “last stage” of preparation for test launching an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM)? And, is this development likely to turn into a massive threat to American cities?

Hear more about what one South Korean military expert from the Korea Institute for Defense Analyses, Kim Chul-woo, has warned concerning miniature nuclear warheads capable of being mounted on a wide range of ballistic missiles developed by North Korea.

And on another topic: Learn what is not being reported elsewhere on Obama’s latest attack against Israel and the war waged by Islamic terrorists against Israel and the United States.

Hear special guest Dr. Mordechai Kedar speak to these issues. He is an Israeli scholar of Arabic literature and specializes in Israel’s Arab population having served 25 years in military intelligence for Israel Defense Forces.

We address the Arab-Israeli conflict and the question that arises: Is this conflict a political one – a struggle over land and power that can be resolved through negotiations and land give-a-ways?

Moreover the question is asked and answered: Are Islamists, Palestinian Arabs, and other Muslims, set on destroying the Jewish state, just as Nazis were set on annihilating the Jewish people in the last century?

Also, hear a very brief discussion of Resolution 2335. It was passed unanimously by the United Nations Security Council against Israel. This UN Resolution suggests that Jewish people do not have the right to live and build in Judea and Samaria as well as East Jerusalem. By refusing to veto this resolution, the United States thereby allowed passage of this anti-Israel, anti-Semitic measure.

Does it not seem that President Obama and his team have sought to further demonize and incite hatred against the Jewish state by abstaining on the anti-Israel UN resolution 2334 and by suggesting that Israel has been “occupying” so-called “Palestinian” territory, i.e., Judea and Samaria since 1967? Find out.

And furthermore, is Judea and Samaria truly “occupied” Arab or Palestinian land? Has it ever constituted “Palestinian” state lands?

Building “settlements,” i.e., communities in the West Bank, known Biblically and in modern times as Judea and Samaria, is land promised to the Jewish nation first by God and then by the British under the Balfour Declaration. Judea and Samaria, (the West Bank), is land that Hebrews / Jews have lived on since time immemorial. It was finally won back in a war waged by Muslim Arab armies against the Jewish state in 1967. Learn more.

Also, hear a summary of a report just published on 01 January by Raymond Ibrahim on the horrific persecution and murder of Christians in Muslim nations. In Ibrahim’s opening, he writes: “[W]e heard that the [ISIS] militants grabbed six strong men working at the bakery and burned them inside the oven. After that, they caught some 250 kids and kneaded them like dough in the bakery dough machine…. Members of 200 different families were killed right before our eyes.” — Syria.” [See: for more information]


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